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Timothy Olyphant and Katee Sackhoff join The Mandalorian: Season 2

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Timothy Olyphant cast in season 2

Katee Sackhoff


Crazy how many people are going to be in this. Here are some notables revealed so far:


Timothy Olyphant - Unknown character



Katee Sackhoff - Bo-Katan



Rosario Dawson - Ahsoka Tano



Temuera Morrison - Boba Fett (and Captain Rex?)



Michael Biehn - Unknown character











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I can see it now. The mandalorian steps out on a baren landscape, there is a mighty electrical occurance. The lighting dies away, and left lying on the ground is a naked Kyle Reese. The time machine accidentally sent him to the wrong dimension. But if Kyle is here, can the terminator be far behind? 

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Well if you look at say just episode 5, you had both Ming-Na Wen & Jake Cannavale (yes, Bobby's son!) where


they were both dead by the end of the episode



Meanwhile in episode 6 you had Clancy Brown & Bill Burr (the latter rumored to return in season 2!) Furthermore, there's Werner Herzog, Nick Nolte, & Taika Waiti


I love Biehn & Olyphant both, but who knows what's going to go down with them. Furthermore, I am holding out hope that some how, some way we get a random Cad Bane or Embo appearance!!

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