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Confirmed: Ewan McGregor will reprise Obi-Wan for Disney+ series.

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30 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Him and Liam Neeson were probably the only good things about the PT.


It still stinks that the two of them different switch roles. Qui-Gon seemed like he should be Obi-Wan, and Obi-Wan seemed like he should have had Qui-Gon's story (finds Anakin, wants to train him, rebels against the council about it).


He could still be slightly annoyed by him but then have a friendship blossom, but considering Obi-Wan says in Ep. 4 that he was impressed by Anakin's piloting abilities and says he was impatient to Yoda in Ep. 5, that would have all fit. FUCK, we spend two movies of Obi-Wan not liking Anakin at all.


I mean, considering what they were given, yes, they were good because they did the best with what they were given. I just wish they could have did the best with each other's scripts. :p 

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3 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

The only problem is Neeson "retired" after episode one so it's probably better they gave him the one and done role.


Oh, he still could have died and everything. I just think he should have been more the, "Obi-Wan, you CAN'T train this kid. wtf you thinking, the Council won't allow it," and Obi-Wan could have been the rebellious guy, which would have tied in nicely with his comments about himself in the OT.


Liam could have still given Obi-Wan his blessing to train Anakin at his death after Anakin wins him over at some point during the movie.

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2 hours ago, GeneticBlueprint said:

I still think I'd rather have this be a movie. But I do like the idea of "Gunsmoke" meets "Star Wars".


1 hour ago, Bacon said:

I would rather have a movie as well. I'll probably never use the Disney+ service. 


Yep. An online-only series isn't what I was hoping for.

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Hmm not sure if this needed to be a series. While what Kal-El said is true that we got enough Kenobi stuff between the movies and two animated shows, I still wouldn't have minded a standalone solo movie with just one more untold story since Ewan McGregor is still able to play the role, so yeah give him one last great Star Wars moment, but a show seems like it'll be a bit too much, and seems like fan service pandering. Still, I'll watch it, and I'm sure it'll be good.

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