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Post in this thread and I'll tell you if I hope you become rich and famous and live a long healthy life and die peacefully with loved ones surrounding you, impressed at your life's accomplishments


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43 minutes ago, Biggie said:

Me 🙋🏻‍♂️


You will die having the best sex of your life, proving that old people are experienced, and experience matters.


34 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:

Spoiler: No one cares about your accomplishments, just your money.


You will die with everyone donating your money to ALS research, which cures it, and they'll all talk about your greatest accomplishment at 55, which will be previously curing the common cold when you mixed anchovies and nutella together and that was the correct mix the whole time.


22 minutes ago, best3444 said:



You will be surrounded by 100 beautiful, successful and college educated ladies who admired you for your intellect and didn't give a shit about the money you won from the lotto at 45 which led to an early retirement and just liked you for your personality.

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16 hours ago, kittykat said:

Do me next 


and also tell me how I’m gonna die


You will die of boredom as you will have mastered all skills possible. You will also have $829,039,192 in your savings, which will go to your next of kin to adopt cute cats from kill shelters, leading to the beginning of strays not being put to sleep.


13 hours ago, Boyle5150 said:

I’m looking forward to this. Pick me next 


Your wife will still be hot when you die.


13 hours ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

I plan to die with a "Do not disturb" Sign on my bedroom door. 


You will die with me, @SFLUFAN and @The def star doing a podcast outside your room. We will take your money, but only because your last words the day before were, "You all get a Playstation 20 that makes you pancakes in the morning."


13 hours ago, RedSoxFan9 said:

I don’t want any of that


You will die alone and penniless, as requested. 


11 hours ago, Firewithin said:

in to feel depressed 


You are kittykat's next of kin and therefore will inherit all her millions.


7 hours ago, Brick said:

That's the hope. 


Hope no longer: you will die in a brick house surrounded by all 10 of your wives because you will be polyamorous since you'll be crowned "sexiest man alive" from your mid 40s all the way to your death at the age of 103.

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