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Have you ever co-opted the habits or routines of ‘successful’ people?


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On the odd occasion, I’ve been watching a YouTube channel by a guy called Nathaniel Drew, who creates content based on the book, Daily Rituals, which looks at the habits of famous people throughout history, which he then adopts for a period of time.


Random link if you care: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ7CyM1Zrqc&t=143s&pp=ygUObmF0aGFuaWVsIGRyZXc%3D


Following an episode that followed Benjamin Franklin, I’ve tried out one of his approaches, to consider what good you can do that day (or in my case, what is my focus of success that day) and then reflecting at the end of the day if it was achieved. It’s been quite a fun thing to do, and does either encourage me to do someone ‘out of my way’ or have a set achievement in mind (example being, as a teacher, my goal was to understand more about one child I teach that I’m a bit concerned about, but as they aren’t one of the major players for attention in my class, go under the radar). 

Has anyone ever followed something like this before? 


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