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*Open discrimination thread* Who are those you distrust most?


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Who are those who can bring all the power and authority of illuminati conspiracies and shifty corporations into the open and allow us a chance to, as you're so fond of emphasizing, believe?

Are they the ones who wear their greed and secrecy with impunity and insist that their manipulative behavior is the only possible path forward? Or, could these people - within that sacred and yet absolutely terrifying space of possibility - also serve as a hiding place of the last people safe from profiteers bent on furthering the divide between the haves and the have-nots? Could they allow the world's remaining sovereign citizens, dissidents and intellectuals, to enter their powerful circles and spend the remaining years wondering if the next crisis will be resolved or solved?

Are those beneath your total control worth the trouble and comfort of listening to or disturbing in what precious little leeway there seems to be? Or, might some of them, be appropriate subjects for your investigative quest?

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