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Xbox One Controller Connection and Battery Solutions for PC.


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Hey, I just got a new controller for my PC. This one to be exact as it was just under 50. I did not pick it for the color, it was just the cheapest one near me that I could get today. 



I have been rockin a rock candy 360 controller since Dark Souls came out on PC. It still works but the sharp AF analog sticks have always hurt my thumb, and the rubber pads I have on them always slide off and the right right bumper does have a bit of a dead zone.


Anyway, what I am wondering for those of you who use an Xbox One / Series X controller, how do you connect it to your PC? Or what have you found to be the best options? 


Would you say that I should just get a micro USB and use it wired? I have it hooked up with my PS4 cable but it isn't long enough. They are really cheap, but it sees like so many of them catch fire based off the reviews and I'd rather that not happen. I just don't know which one to get. If you bought a micro usb cord just for this let me know which cord you got. Also, is it ok to keep normal AA batteries in the controller while hooked up via the wire? I really just want the batteries for the weight. I like a heavy controller. 


If I go wireless, what is the best option here? I need to get a Bluetooth dongle, but that is cheap a not important. There is the Official play & charge kit, but the reviews say it doesn't last very long. Dies within months if not sooner. Anyone here have any experience with that? I have also seen recommendations for the Panasonic Eneloop Pros, and also these weird battery backs from BEBONCOOL. Not interested in messing with disposable batteries.


Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Panasonic Eneloop Pros

BEBONCOOL 2x2550 mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack

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6 minutes ago, Spork3245 said:

I think the newer Xbone and XSX controllers are all BT compatible for PC now. Otherwise, there are adapters available.


I know they are BT, but what I am asking, at least for wireless, what is the best option battery wise. Like, for wireless what do you, the members of D1P, use for batteries assuming you are not using disposables? 


Or should I just go wired? I am totally fine going wired. It is the most responsive. 

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I ve used this for like a year or 2 with no issues



The office xbox wireless dongle is shit, i have gone thru 3 of them . They will disconnect and un pair the controller and then it becomes a fight to pair it back up. 

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Just now, Bacon said:


I know they are BT, but what I am asking, at least for wireless, what is the best option battery wise. Like, for wireless what do you, the members of D1P, use for batteries assuming you are not using disposables? 

Oh, use whatever. They’re all basically the same. I use this for my PC Xbone controller and swap to the other pack when the one in it dies:


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I currently use a USB Bluetooth adapter. My seat on the couch is towards the end of the range so occasionally it acts up but most of the time it's fine with no latency issues. I prefer my Switch Pro controller when using Steam Big Picture Mode but when I do use the Xbox One controller I use Sanyo Eneloop rechargables and the one thing I do prefer about it is being able to swap the batteries instead of having to use the controller wired for the rest of the day.

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2 hours ago, LazyPiranha said:

I had bad experiences with the play and charge kit for the 360 eventually losing charge entirely after a year and a half or so.  I use eneloops for a ton of bullshit including controllers and they work great.  The added bonus is you can get extras and use them for whatever.

same here on my charge pack, and it just stopped charging after I don’t even think a year. The Eneloops and some Panasonic rechargeable I got from my local dollar store have been great to use since. 

I use to use a cord with my PC for my controller and gaming needs. I just bought the Microsoft Wireless Headset and bought the USB dongle to connect with my PC and now my controllers too. Haven’t actually tried it yet, but might have some time to game with friends if Ontario closes down even further over the Covid numbers

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If I use a controller wirelessly I use eneloops - As others have said they are better than charge packs because


  1. You can use the batteries in different controllers. If you bought a play and charge kit for the 360, you can't use that on your Xbone controller.
  2. They last long. I still have my batteries I used on my 360 controller years ago, they still hold a charge. Those play and charge kits were just rechargeable batteries anyway, but they were shitty and died after a couple of years.


Generally since I'm sitting next to my PC I don't use it wireless and just have it plugged in with a USB cable.

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Just now, SaysWho? said:


Like those 360 controllers that allowed for either.


Yuuuuuup. As legitimately fun as it was taking apart the PS3 / PS4 controllers and upgrading the batteries (also interesting to see how Sony iterated on the guts of the PS4 controller throughout the system’s life) I’d rather not have to do that :p

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