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  1. I was mildly interested in the game before. Now I'm very interested. Doesn't hurt to hear it will have elements of Dark Souls in it. This better be amazing!
  2. Been playing Salt and Sanctuary. It's decent, but there's quite a bit that annoys me in the game.
  3. Giving Salt and Sanctuary a second chance. Still finding it clunky as fuck, though.
  4. Like I said, mad because bad. The author must also think people are too stupid to realize that just because the person showing him how to play has 80+ hours of experience, doesn't mean that is the amount required to learn the mechanics. Reading the article was a huge waste of time. In fact, @SFLUFAN I want my time back.
  5. This is why more games should have demos available. I was only mildly interested in the game. Not a huge fan of pixel art, TBH. Played the demo. Now I want to keep playing. I'll still probably wait for impressions to be certain the quality remains consistent throughout and to see how long the game is, but I'll probably buy it soon after release.
  6. The only character I want from there comes out March 8th... oh well. Joker looks weird, though.
  7. ^ I haven't tried ranked play yet, but I'm sure you'll do better if you run into me a few times.
  8. I thought about buying a PS4 recently... Still just a thought, though. I doubt I'll pull the trigger, since the PS5 isn't too far away.
  9. I hope that rumor isn't true. That would be a massive disappointment, for me.
  10. On American Idol, they don't all sing simultaneously... Do they? I haven't really watched in since the 2nd season. But that sounds like a nightmare.
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