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  1. The comments section is full of surprise puns.
  2. Damn, am I the only one who gets his point? His comparison makes perfect sense to me.
  3. I meant to ask if it is better than it was before, haha. IIRC, some people were complaining about performance issues, and how it looked washed out with HDR off.
  4. I haven't heard of ResetERA until you mentioned it. This is the 2nd time I see you mention it... You trying to subtly promote them?
  5. I keep getting my ass kicked by my coworkers so I'm tempted to get it, as it's 30% off on GMG. Is it any better on PC? @Spork3245
  6. It's perfectly fine to skip the first two if you don't have any interest in them. Although, you will be missing out on a few things as certain choices do carry over and somethings will be different depending on what you did in The Witcher 2. However, it's not crucial.
  7. I connect mine via USB to my PC, and it's kinda shitty. If I move it to the wrong way or put it at the wrong angle, it loses connection... in my experience, using cable wires with the Xbox One controllers isn't perfect. I doubt it's like that with all controllers, though. I could just be unlucky, as some controllers seem better than others (in terms of being super finicky with the wire placement).
  8. I feel like I've watched this before... this is new?
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