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  1. I remember my first ban on IGN. Some guy was talking shit to me, potty mouth language and all, then the next day I'm banned. When given a reason, the dumbass mod quoted what the guy said to me.
  2. Do you have pics of the 3ds? I'm thinking about buying it. Do I need it? Not really. Do I want it? For some reason I do.
  3. Bloomberg - Are you a robot? WWW.BLOOMBERG.COM Apparently the oled switch costs Nintendo an estimated $10 more per unit compared to the regular switch. Don't know if that linked properly. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-14/nintendo-switch-s-big-price-hike-takes-gamers-into-new-territory
  4. I was able to try finally, but it said an unexpected error had occurred. Now the servers at busy again. Edit: I just got a confirmation email!
  5. And just like that, my desire for a "Switch Pro" dropped dramatically. I'm looking forward to this.
  6. Are OLEDs more expensive to produce? If not, why is this $50 more?
  7. Can't really say I'm in a rut, but these last few years I noticed that when I'm tired I have little to no desire to play video games. Especially ones that require even the slightest bit of decision making, or thought process. I'm talking about something as simple as deciding what to keep in my inventory, or which side quest to tackle next. When I'm tired I just can't be bothered with that stuff.
  8. I enjoyed the MS conference. I enjoyed the Nintendo conference. I enjoyed a bunch of those smaller and indie conferences. I discovered a lot of up coming games and I'm happy. So clearly, I won E3. Seriously though, which ever conference you enjoyed more based on the games shown is mostly subjective.
  9. Looking at those 6 custom PC designs they showed, do those appeal to anyone here? Be honest. Personally I wouldn't want my PC looking like any of those. They look ridiculous.
  10. If I'm understanding what I'm seeing correctly, we can only control Starlord, but we can have the other members use abilities when we want?
  11. Where is the best place to order a 3070 or 3080 in Canada? I've decided fuck it, I'm getting one of them but I have no idea which storefront I should be keeping my eye on. I'm leaning towards a 3070, but I'll get a 3080 if it's available first (at normal price).
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