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  1. ^ I haven't tried ranked play yet, but I'm sure you'll do better if you run into me a few times.
  2. I thought about buying a PS4 recently... Still just a thought, though. I doubt I'll pull the trigger, since the PS5 isn't too far away.
  3. I hope that rumor isn't true. That would be a massive disappointment, for me.
  4. On American Idol, they don't all sing simultaneously... Do they? I haven't really watched in since the 2nd season. But that sounds like a nightmare.
  5. I forgot to pause my Humble Monthly subscription, so I have a copy of Hellblade up for grabs (PC version). So if you want it (and actually plan on playing it) post here and it's yours.
  6. Thank you! But we get both days off. That's what matters most.
  7. Oh snap, my bad. I just saw Star Wars in the title and was thinking the video was showing RTX implementation in an early build of the new SW game. This explains so much. In my defense I'm running on low sleep + a few brief naps.
  8. The character's shadow around the 1 minute mark. Not something that should be shown in a video that is meant to look impressive. As for the reflections, I feel like it'll get weird having the floors in these RTX games looking like they were just waxed 5 mins ago. Some of those look like they should not be shiny at all. Are they ALL wet? Covered in a thin sheet of ice??
  9. Glad to see they're implementing Dark Souls style online messages. I hope I don't hate the final boss this time.
  10. I don't mind having some of my titles on EGS, as I already had an account from when I tried Unreal Tournament. And so far all the games I have on it were free, so that's a plus. Not a fan of the exclusive nonsense, though. I'm also not a fan of their email authentication system. I didn't sign into my account for a while so after updating to the latest version and logging in, they sent me an authentication code. This wouldn't normally be a problem, except that they sent the code 20 mins later. By the time I noticed it, it fucking expired. Long story short, I ended up trying three times. At some point after the 3rd attempt, the 2nd code came through and worked... and later on, the 3rd code was eventually sent after I already signed in. Fun times.
  11. The comments section is full of surprise puns.
  12. Damn, am I the only one who gets his point? His comparison makes perfect sense to me.
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