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What's the most passive-aggressive emoticon on D1P?


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10 minutes ago, Bacon said:

People who use :peace: should be banned for 48 hours. It is the N-word of D1P. 


1 hour ago, best3444 said:

Very educated post. Like I said above, it doesn't really matter. I dislike comparing players from different era's as well. We can end this by saying that both LeBron and Michael are 2 of the best to ever play. I have my opinion and you have yours. I respect your knowledge on the subject so I also respect your opinion. It's all good. :peace:


Also @Fizzzzle for upvoting the post. :angry:

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8 minutes ago, best3444 said:

Lol I really don't like it either but I was just respecting his post. I don't remember the last time I used it but I was just ending things in peace. I won't use it again, Jason. I promise!


army of darkness skeleton war GIF

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Quote of some user


[Paragraph 1 telling quoted user to "read this bitch you're about to get owned"]


[Paragraph 2 but it is a wall of text]


[Paragraph 3 is nearly the tldr or maybe the real point]


[Paragraph 4 but passive aggressively insults the quoted user and ends the final sentence with :peace: and if you reply after :peace: you're a loser and I win fuck you.:peace:]

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