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We spoke about tax the other week...in the UK we’re creeping up to the benefit of automated taxation.


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I say automated, for all I know our payroll team are doing everything manually...


In the UK, depending on your total income, you receive a proportion of your income that is ‘tax free’. The idea behind this is each month - an expected yearly income average is made and the equivalent tax is taken per month.


The great part about this is unless you’ve been at one job consistently for more than a full year, you will be taxed but will most likely not hit the threshold.


I've been at my current job since September and worked part time as a student before that - usually not enough per week to hit the taxable income threshold -but have been paying tax each month even though I’ve now just crept into the taxable threshold.


As the tax year runs from April to April I’m hoping on a sweet, sweet rebate. It’s happened a few times and it’s like a second Christmas.


if it happens, I genuinely can’t wait to pay off some of my credit card and maybe buy some new kitchen cupboards.



i just felt like sharing and wondering if you ever receive that joy?

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6 minutes ago, Rachel said:

what does Canada have to do with this?


I was assuming this automatic taxation thing was something that's done better than it is in America so I was saying he can take his good government news / gloating and put it in the thread where people brag about their good government.

It's less of a thread about Canada and more of a thread about countries that are being run and have better benefits than the united states, which is why I said he could "share" the thread.

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4 minutes ago, Joe said:

Lol Keyser just made that up about the Canada thread. It’s literally exclusively about Canada.


I'm thinking about it creatively. It just happens it was made for Canadians who constantly said great stuff about what their country was doing. It's not a hard and fast rule you can only post Canadian shit in it.


1 minute ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

This is our dedicated UK thread:





This is the UK thread for things that they do that are bad which is why I was saying use the Canadian thread for good stuff.

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22 hours ago, BlueAngel said:

Going to have to disagree with you on that.

Do you have an example of a prosperous civilization that doesn’t have taxation?

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6 hours ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:


Are you seeing a proliferation of those in your area as well?


Because it's suddenly become prevalent as hell here!



You live around smart kids. You should be proud!


Edit: Ah got this confused with "My student is an honor student at X Elementary"


Student Driver isn't a bumper sticker so the above would have made a better joke.

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