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  1. I don't see how it's a waste of money, I'm not dropping $1,000 every year, I'm dropping ~$500 a year for the latest device, pretty good deal in my eyes.
  2. I'm far from wealthy lol, I just do 12 month leases so I have the opportunity to upgrade to every new model.
  3. I know it still works but it's old, the battery is terrible and was terrible even brand new don't know how you have lived with it so long. I get antsy if I don't get a new phone every year.
  4. Way late on upgrading there pal.😮
  5. So the buds are good even if I do it later tomorrow, have to pay my last lease payment before I can actually upgrade. Guess I'm still on for this 10+. Upgrade went through, phone is on its way eventually lol, I'll probably get it early had the same happen last year with my S9+, got it two days before release date.
  6. I see it every day at work, coworkers all on T-Mobile have no service quite often whereas I never lose LTE. Actually looking at AT&T, they offer great service and aren't too much more expensive than Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon aren't far from each other in price. In comparison to my Sprint plan.
  7. Eh if I did that and the merger goes through I am back with Sprint. Verizon works well in my area T-Mobile is not good outside of the city.
  8. I am actually passing on this, Sprint can shove this phone up their ass. Won't push my upgrade 10 days so I miss out on the pre-order goodness, well fuck you. Going to Verizon.
  9. Samsung's software has come a long way, TouchWiz is a thing of the past. One UI is amazing I think you would like it.
  10. I was summoned lol, I was really debating getting this or not. Really don't like the hole in the display but the phone is fucking amazing otherwise, so I umm kinda pre-ordered it. S10+ Prism White. Giving this S9+ back as I am due for an upgrade.
  11. Yes! I will be buying one, I loved my 518 unfortunately after 15 years I had to let it go it started to not function right, solid mouse though!
  12. https://www.microcenter.com/product/507541/ripjaws-x-8gb-2-x-4gb-ddr3-1600-pc3-12800-cl9-dual-channel-desktop-memory-kit---red $50 for 8GB Great deal at microcenter just picked up a set, will give me 16GB total which will hold me over until next year when I do a new build. I realize now the price is common across a few other sites but still a great bargain. I can now run rise of the tomb raider with every setting maxed without stuttering, I've seen ram usage Spike to over 10GB, was definitely hitting a wall due to 8GB.
  13. Looks like I am waiting awhile I refuse to resubscribe to Netflix.
  14. My wireless on my desktop sucks too, I get around 100 down wheras on my phone I will get around 500. Should probably get a new card but don't know if I want to drop $100 on the best wireless card right now.
  15. And here I am still happy with 1080p. Though I have been thinking of going 4k but my system will not be able to handle it.