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  1. Shouldn't be, it was a straight up incident while driving. $4-5 per trip adds up to a lot, I'd rather walk lol.
  2. Couldn't you have just turned your head or kicked the fucker out of the bed?
  3. I wouldn't mind the walk that much but I don't live in the city, I'm in the suburbs somewhat so my path to work lacks sudewalks most of the way so it's rather dangerous.
  4. My Monday sucked ass, hit a pothole in my car on Friday night and fucked my car up. Looking at $5,300 worth of damage, good thing for full coverage ($1,000 deductible unfortunately which I don't just have laying around currently). Spent my Monday at home dealing with all the bs, I'm without a car until next week sometime don't really have the money for a rental for two weeks so I'm walking to work (1.5 miles each way).
  5. More cores are nice, but I still don't see the point in upgrading from my 4790k @ 4.6GHz I only require 60/1080 as of now.
  6. Well even then the issue is pretty noticeable, if you start running into issues of no service or just can't do what you used to be able to do in a certain location you might have the issue.
  7. I got rid of Netflix a while ago, don't plan on subscribing again anytime soon.
  8. Go to an area that you know isn't crowded and test it out lol, I'm having no issues now it's awesome.
  9. Seeing the reports of others having the same issues, one day the phone was fine then the next I couldn't do anything unless on WiFi, no streaming music or using LTE period (full bars just no data being transmitted). It's not a network dependent issue either so others on T-Mobile and Verizon have had the issue. New phone is perfect though no issues back to launch day, I did notice over the last two months that the reception has gotten progressively worse, not anymore!
  10. Just had my phone replaced, I ran into that known bug that pre-order phones seem to develop. LTE connectivity was pretty much hit or miss, random service drops and missed calls or random other funny business. Apparently the modem burns out due to a bug in the early models so we shall see what the new one does, I totally bypassed my insurance and went directly to Sprint Executive Services and they sent me a brand new phone.
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