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  1. I just started doing this discord server, just have to be quick enough on the draw. Join the Fixitfixitfixit Drops & Tech Discord Server! DISCORD.COM This is a place for Gamers, Techies, and anyone who wants to track the latest PC part stock availability. | 81,477 members I had a 3080 in my cart on walmart.com but as soon as I hit buy it was gone.
  2. Don't use them much but when I do it's usually Skyn. 9/10 it's raw dawg.
  3. Hell if I could find a pre-built for $1200 with a 3080 in it I would buy it but those unicorns don't exist.
  4. Out of curiosity I stopped by my local microcenter, the chance of someone just walking in and getting a card is impossible. They have a system, if you want a card camp out the day before before noon. There were 5 people waiting when I showed up around 12:30, that's if you want a 30 series. Anything else besides like the GT710 you better be waiting by around 9pm the night before. Plus they need your ID, and you're only allowed one card every 30 days. Insane.
  5. How am I wrong? Censorship is never a good thing. Unless you're a communist, then I guess it's what you want.
  6. Forgot to add that, they can be really attractive.
  7. Like I didn't see this coming.
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