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  1. Good god that's a lot, this is my second play through but I kinda fucked up by selling some photos and cigarette cards so I can't get 100% on this play through. This will be my fuck around save file I'll have to start over again but I don't mind I love this game.
  2. Yeah, found a lot of gold bars I don't really spend much, by the time I get to the Epilogue I will have close to 15k I bet lol. And counting the money you get at the end of the Epilogue I will have probably 35k to play with haha.
  3. Yeah same here, I'm trying to finish the story and get to the epilogue now so I can continue with my hunting lol. Also want to go to the Aberdeen pig farm and let them drug me so they steal all of my money so I can come back as John and get Arthur's money which is a lot at this point 12k or so.
  4. I had the happen before, I lost 1k though. It was at the fence in the alley as I was leaving from the other exit. Never lost anything I had crafted though that's weird.
  5. I imagine you don't have cell service either? Because I would just hotspot my phone to launch the game.
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