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  1. The S10 is looking like a pass to me, I don't like the notch one bit but the stupid circle cutout in the screen is a total pass for me... Hopefully they change their minds on that one, otherwise I might jump back to iPhone because I would rather have the notch over a hole in the screen. Headphone jack is getting less and less of an issue for me, I rarely use my headphone jack anymore so I could live without it if I had to.
  2. BlueAngel

    Hard water

    I agree, l would gladly take hard water over soft water.
  3. My Netflix subscription is nearing termination for good.
  4. BlueAngel

    On Being The Family Photographer During the Holidays

    I always wind up being the photographer myself, with my phone alone (S9+). Pics and videos always come out good but damnit if people just learned how to use their phones they wouldn't need me. It's gonna be even worse once I get myself a proper setup.
  5. BlueAngel

    Movies The Lion King Teaser

    Hope everything is exactly like the original but in cgi otherwise pass. I'm not big on remakes.
  6. BlueAngel

    Man not secured to hang glider goes hang gliding

    Holy shit that would be horrifying.
  7. BlueAngel

    PC Tech That was scary

    Noting ever goes to plan with hardware.
  8. BlueAngel

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    For now yes lol, those old games don't require much. Could play them on my phone if I wanted to. Sad fact is my phone has a better gpu than my built in graphics on this old CPU, luckily this CPU is capable enough to power through anything for the most part.
  9. BlueAngel

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    This is the reason I play on my PC, I get to play what I want.
  10. Runs really well and controls great on my S9+, figured I would post it here awesome game to have on the go. Normally goes for $9.99. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aspyr.swkotor
  11. BlueAngel

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    I am neither fyi, I trolled you guys hard. Regardless why do you have the bring bs into a thread to stir the pot? Seems like a pretty shitty thing to do. Labeling someone a racist or homophobic because they are conservative is wrong. I've kept my peace I gave up on trolling, don't have the time or energy, it's time to move on.
  12. BlueAngel

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    I'll cover shipping? Ain't got no PayPal but can surely get you a game on Steam or whatever. @Zaku3