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  1. I think I had a problem with that in the past, I believe it's a false positive. I disabled it and have been fine for a few years now.
  2. No I have a 72 month loan, obviously I'm going to refinance my loan through my credit union so that will go down to probably 48 months at 2.5%. I've only had the car since January, had no choice at the time but to buy right away regardless of the financing. My credit is building up, currently at a 702, was around 650 when I purchased my car.
  3. I'd kill for 4% right now, I'm waiting to refinance my loan through my credit union which will bring me to about 2.5% but fuck I am paying way more than 4% right now haha.
  4. I was paying nearly $20 a month for netflix, dropped that a few months ago. This is a great deal.
  5. Already have free Hulu, don't give a shit about ESPN so I'll just get the standalone.
  6. As per the deal T-Mobile can't increase prices for 3 years, Dish has a shit ton of spectrum it will be gravy. This is a great thing for everyone.
  7. Verizon and AT&T have every reason to be scared, T-Mobile is going to have a far superior network when everything is done.
  8. Precisely this, T-Mobile is selling Sprints 800MHz B26 to Dish they're keeping everything else. T-Mobile is going to be a beast with Sprints 2.5GHz and their own 600MHz.
  9. Network wise Verizon and AT&T won't be able to compete with T-Mobile, T-Mobile has nothing to fear.
  10. This is going to be one hell of a network, Verizon better watch out. Should be interesting to see how this works for me being on Sprint, I am very satisfied with my service but it's gonna get even better.
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