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  1. My guess is GPU at this point, my GTX 570 was causing my system to crash watching netflix and or gaming at random times.
  2. That is correct, unfortunately FHD+ is blurry as fuck and QHD+ is the only possible option to use.
  3. Eh that's kind of a bad comparison, 99% of people have the snapdragon variant at least in the US which is far more efficient than the exynos 9820/9825 and will last significantly longer.
  4. Yeah the S6 had a terrible battery, I had the note 5 during that era so I had a 3,000Mah battery vs a 2600mah battery with an extra GB of ram. Made a big difference but overall not so much. Then I went with an S8+ and things were a lot better. S9+ even better then the S10+ came and I no longer worry, 4,100mah battery. I try to kill it but it never happens lol. But I have an anti apple policy after my iPhone 5. They screwed me 1 day out of warranty after I just got my phone back after it was stolen, they told me to pound sand essentially even though there was a battery recall. From that point onwards I've been Samsung and I've been happy.
  5. To each their own I guess, I used to be on the Apple train but their innovation has really been lacking since Steve Jobs. I used to upgrade after my two year contract was up, but that is no longer a thing so I figure $240 a year isn't that bad to have the latest and greatest. At least Samsung changed things up a lot in the last few years, quite happy here.
  6. Yeah for the most part, I only upgrade every year because of my lease. Every 12 months I get to upgrade, so I essentially pay about $240 a year for the latest and greatest, not a bad deal overall.
  7. Bottled water is a waste, I always drink from the tap.
  8. I wear the same pair of nike's that I bought 3 years ago, still holding up and don't look terrible i'm not a shoe snob. Kinda want a new pair though.
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