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  1. Nothing like waking up to a dead PSU, turn my pc on started to watch a video and like a light switch it powered off. Thinking maybe something tripped the breaker I checked that, the outlet itself and obviously my PSU which is dead no power at all, there was no smoke, pops or any attempt to power itself back on. So my nice Corsair RM550 PSU shit the bed, since I am dead broke until unemployment kicks in I had to settle for a cheap $50 EVGA 500 watt from microcenter, sure it's not great but it's more than acceptable for the time being. Upon doing some cable management I came across my CPU backplate, it was a bit loose maybe from 5 years of use? so hoping I get some better temps from tightening the bracket down. Also suddenly my PIC-E x16 #1 slot is working again out of the blue which is strange, at least now my RX480 will be running at x16 might gain a frame or two heh. What a day, never had a PSU just shut down and die, I've seen them burn up and pop but never just shut down.
  2. New video coming in the next few days, we had to react quick due to the rain coming soon. Gonna be an awesome video, I appreciate everyone that has subscribed and liked my video. I'm doing what I can with my S20 Ultra, not a professional video device but it's doing quite well. The following video will be a lot better, we've changed the lighting and upgraded our setup, it's really hard when you don't have the money to do what you want. We're rebuilding our garage tomorrow, luckily I'm qualified in the work that we need to do. Have to run some new wire and install some new outlets and install overhead lights, the new video after the upcoming one is going to be awesome.
  3. So a little before I got laid off and unemployed due to Covid-19 my good friend and I had an idea. He started to build his own knife, from top to bottom he did it by hand every step of the way. So I see the beginning stages and start to ponder like damn the is a great idea, should have done this years ago. We're already getting orders for knives and we're barely getting off the ground right now due to the quarantine. So our idea is to make knives and record every step of the way to the finished product, each order gets a custom video from start to finish. Each knife is a custom design unless they want one of our designs. So I figured I would throw it out here on my internet family so to say, he'll I've know most of you for over a decade now. I'm asking for some likes and subscriptions to my YouTube page, we hope to make some income off of YouTube as well. In these trying times this is all I've got right now so it can't hurt to try. This is my YouTube channel, any help would be appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKKTRrqm4WajchzEr-5D5Sw Thanks to anyone that wants to give me a like and follow. Hell I'll even throw a shout out to day one patch on my first video. And if you eventually decide to order a knife through us just let me know your YouTube account name and you'll get 15% off.
  4. I'm at least getting a severance package so it's not all bad. Plus unemployment obviously until I find something.
  5. I've actually started a play-though of Half-Life: 2 for the first time in probably 10 years, it still holds up well. Might have to grab this when I am done, Half-Life: Source honestly isn't that bad either.
  6. CMOS reset would definitely be your next step.
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