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Jeff Grubb: Bethesda and Microsoft want to unveil Starfield this Summer and then launch in "like November", barring COVID-related delays


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1 hour ago, Bacon said:

I was under the impression that TES6 was further along than Starfield. I bet that if this game comes out before 2023 it will be rushed and crap. 


No. Bethesda started on Starfield way before starting on ES6. We won't see ES6 until late 2023 at the earliest. Starfield will be delayed until next year most likely but I'm completely fine with that. 


I hope they took lessons from the Cyberpunk debacle. 

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Given their output lately, I'm firmly in the camp of "meh." Until they completely overhaul their storytelling, animations, and especially their battle systems, it's just hard to care. They took enemies being completely unaffected by swords, magic and gunfire and evolved it into an art form. When I hit an enemy, I want them to feel it and I want to see them feel it, dammit! The only time that happens in Bethesda games is when you kill them and their dumbass ragdolls go flopping around, or occasionally if you have a super overpowered weapon and it knocks them down and they awkwardly stand back up all stiffly while you continue to beat them down as their health bar slowly empties.


I really hope MS can help them make good combat that is fun to play, rather than simply being passable. The limpdick combat bothers me so much more than the bugs ever could.

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12 minutes ago, CitizenVectron said:

Are they still using an engine from 2004?

An "overhauled" version, but yes. However, I'm tired of seeing that as an excuse. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV were made on the same engine. GTA IV and Oblivion entered development in around the same time. Bethesda just seems more content to let their engine become more of an ungodly mess over time.

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