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Where do you go for gaming/tech news besides here?


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I know a lot of us migrated from ign way back when but seeing how the entire site is basically just one giant Amazon advertisement these days I assume most stopped going there long ago. 


I find myself watching a lot of gaming related youtube content but a many channels tend to run with rumors for clicks and/or inject a heavy dose of their personal biases.

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Other than a random headline I spot in my news feed or on this board I very rarely get gaming news at all, anymore.


The one exception is that I watch enough Minecraft videos on YouTube that my algorithm sends plenty of videos my way on that subject.


For instance, the big Caves and Cliffs update is really ramping up for release here in the next few months. If YouTube didn't send previews my way for it, it's something I might actually go looking for.

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resetera seems to get news fast and whatever in a quick readable form well enough even though they are weird and scare me sometimes


I used to check Kotaku, but not as much, and probably mostly out of habit since all the writers I was used to left and it’s just fucking ads everywhere instead.


Sometimes I’ll check metacritic just to see if anything of note was released that I missed.

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Twitter honestly gives me a decent picture of what’s going on since I follow most of the writers whose work I tend to enjoy. I do visit polygon on a regular basis and I don’t know why I pick them over anyone else other than I find their site aesthetically pleasing. Back in the day IGN was like a go-to daily site for me but those days are long gone. When I go there now it seems they are trying to do too much for my taste (pop culture and whatnot). 

So those and I listen to the bombast, beast cast and waypoint radio when they have Austin and Rob both on.  

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