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  1. Sonic Colors is the best 3D Sonic. Mania is still the better game though.
  2. In-game time for me at 100% was 11 hours. I think actual time is probably 13. I definitely took my time though and immediately started hard. Which has actually been.... hard. That first boss you fight, you really need to be on your game. Very little room for mistakes.
  3. Well, I got my N64 controller at least. Not doing the upgraded membership anytime soon though.
  4. Woah, I figured it was just a community project that barely broke even from ad revenue. That's insane. Just goes to show that even bastions of far left progressives will crumble at the smell of capitalism.
  5. There’s actually an easier way to do this. Instead of using the fan to gain speed, go into the elevator room on the left to build up your boost. Now, you can still do what you did, but the easier way is just to stay in a morphball, go against the wall of the destructible blocks, and do a diagonal shinespark in ball form.
  6. Having just played Samus Returns, it's close to Dread, but Dread is pure butter. I think Dread is just filled with so many tiny animations and subtleties that really add to the overall feeling of movement. There's really nothing else that feels quite like it. As for the cutscenes, pretty sure most games drop cutscenes down to 24 or 30 fps. You can argue cinematic or not, but low frame rates are still the standard for telling stories across visual mediums.
  7. The Retrobit Tribute 64 controller is pretty good. The stick sensitivity is way off though, so it really only works well for certain games. If you're playing in Retroarch, you're better off just using any standard modern controller though.
  8. Good luck getting an N64 controller. The NES/SNES controllers have plenty of competent knock-offs, but there are zero quality N64 replicas. These are going to go like crazy and probably from people that have no intention of using the service, like me.
  9. @GameDadGrant Spiderman is actually a cool idea. They love Spiderman, even though they've never seen it. Can you play and explore the city without fighting anything?
  10. They actually liked watching me play Sekiro, but everytime they would come in the room while I was play, I would have to avoid fighting anything and just run around and grapple everywhere.
  11. The Lego games are probably good choices. Minecraft dungeons seems pretty cool. Though I guess I'm looking for games I'd enjoy too. Right now, they're not asking for games or even know about games outside of what I've shown them, and we only let them play once or twice on the weekends. I'll let them discover Roblox and Minecraft on their own through school and friends.
  12. I've got twin 4 year old boys. I think they're pretty good at games considering their age, but they're still working on their fine motor skills and reaction time. We have a blast with games like 3D Mario World. They get to run around and jump on things while I push forward and make progress so we can all get through the level. Unfortunately, most of the stages past like world 3 they end up going in a bubble for a lot of the time because it's just too challenging. We also play a lot of Mario Kart 8, which has auto steering and driving. They loved watching me play Breath of the Wild, so I let them try the Link's Awakening remake. They mostly just like wandering around and attacking enemies with the sword, but that's pretty much the extent of what they can do. They also like 2D Mario and Sonic, even though their skills don't get them very far. However, they've really taken to Paper Mario Origami King. Obviously the combat system is way too challenging for them and it's not like they can read yet, but the exploration and discovery is really fun for them. They absolutely love exploring the entire world, visiting all of the different locations, towns, and dungeons, finding hidden secrets, playing the mini games, etc. And I realized that this is actually a pretty cool game for them because there's very few stakes, and you can't really lose if you're just passively exploring. If they run into an enemy, they either run away or hand me the controller to beat it. So with that type of game in mind, can you think of other games in the same vein? Something with lots of variety and charm. Plenty of exploration and secrets to find. But very few stakes or consequences. They recognize their own limits, so they get frustrated when something is too difficult, so it's nice to have a game that they can just relax and explore.
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