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  1. I'll pick one up for under $30. The latest Bleemsync looks pretty great.
  2. $60 is insane. Nintendo totally blew the opportunity to do a NEW Super Mario Bros All-Stars. Package NSMB, NSMBWii, and NSMBU together, sell it for $60. I won't get greedy and ask for NSMB2 also, but that can be a 6-month DLC thing for $20. The all-star nostalgia, with an incredible value and this thing would sell like hotcakes. I don't particularly feel the need to re-play the NSMB games, but I would totally get that package.
  3. Yeah, pretty much any western RPG as significantly more talking. And not just story-driven, also tons of pointless conversation fodder. Bioware, Bethesda, CDPR, all stuff their games with useless dialogue trees.
  4. On-going/casual playing: Tetris Effect Smash Bros Mega Man Legacy Collections Currently trying to complete: RDR2 Celeste Octopath Obsidian (90s PC game) Mario RPG Evil Within 2 Games I put on the backburner: FFXV Kingdom Hearts Witcher 3 Zelda BoTW Upcoming: Blaster Master Zero Mega Man 11 Metroid Samus Returns Games I will be purchasing: REmake2 Monster Boy Obra Dinn Then who knows what will happen when I get VR going. Way too many games I'm playing now with very little time.
  5. As a huge Nintendo fan, and a huge Zelda fan, BotW was definitely a disappointment for me. I actually don't have a problem with the weapons system, and I think the combat is great, but I'm just really not a fan of the degree they made the game open world. For me, open world and non-linear aren't necessarily synonymous with each other. I think the best Zelda games are non-linear to a degree, but I wouldn't call them open world. I love exploring the world at my own pace, but I still want structure in order to serve the story better, and I like the traditional Zelda gameplay progression system (it's very Metroidvania in a sense). Both of which BotW are lacking. BotW is also lacking in great dungeons. The dungeons they have are good, but nothing great, and none of them felt truly unique from another. If Skyward Sword is one extreme, and BotW is another, I think a good meeting in the middle would be the perfect Zelda.
  6. Yeah she basically like platformers, Mario Kart, and adventure games. Can you watch the other player on the TV screen while they're playing?
  7. Obviously I have a fallback gf in case I don't get my way with the wife.
  8. Dang, ok this is going to be a tough decision. Ok, I'll have to build my case and present to my wife. You think Astrobot is a wife/gf type of game?
  9. I was actually about to write this off as I just couldn't justify the price for only a few games (a year ago sure, but after having twins, it's either lavish gaming habits or diapers.... lots of diapers). So did you have a price in mind? It sounds like yours is barely used, I don't want to low-ball you if it's worth more than my budget. And I've played enough Skyrim that I don't think I would ever play it in VR.
  10. Yeah I have a decent HTPC and I've played plenty of PS1 games on Mednafen through Retroarch. Still, the older I get and the larger my family gets, I really just want simple plug and play systems that anybody can play on their own. Rather than figuring out how to pair controllers, and navigating Retroarch (even though I bypass most of that stuff with Steam shortcuts). There's also a psychological component that happens when you're playing on imitation hardware and reproduction controllers. On PC, it just feels like a commodity having unlimited access to 30 years of gaming; there's a lack of charm and novelty. But on the mini consoles I have a curated list of my favorite games, and it feels like a more special experience playing games that way on dedicated machines. So yeah, that's why I'm really hoping they can keep the custom UI and either replace or update the emulator. And of course swap out games without the soft swap method. I'm tracking the progress, and I'm crossing my fingers they come up with an elegant solution as the Nintendo classic consoles.
  11. It's such an amazing game just to zone out and relax to. If it wasn't for Tetris, PSVR wouldn't even cross my mind. But I really want to at least try it out.
  12. If the hacking community can figure out how to keep the UI, but replace the emulator and have the ability to swap in and out games, then I'll definitely pick one up.
  13. So I've used the Oculus Rift a few times, and while I enjoy it, it's not something I feel like I'm missing. However, after getting Tetris Effect I really want to play that in VR. Of course spending $200 on a feature for a game is crazy, so I'm trying to determine if it's truly worth it to invest in VR for a handful of games I do want to play. So the must haves are Tetris Effect, Astro Bot, and REVII. Other games I don't feel the need to play, but would enjoy playing are Moss, Beat Saber, Superhot, and REZ. And that's pretty much it. Keep in mind I only have the OG PS4. And personally, I don't think this current iteration of PSVR is going to last much longer before it's either abandoned, or they come out with another one. It's now or never since there's really good sales now, but I'm leaning towards no. In the end, it would really be for those first 3 games, the others are just a bonus and for the novelty factor (not to mention I think I might need the Move controllers for some of those). So convince me one way or another. Alternatively, if anyone is selling their's because the novelty has worn off, I'd consider that as well.
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