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  1. It's amazing that Nintendo once remade every single console Mario game and put them in one package.
  2. Bjomesphat

    General Gaming Holy shit the balls on Filip Miucin

    He's been thinking about it all wrong? He didn't think about the portability or new characters? What was he thinking about then? I don't think this guy has had a single original thought.
  3. Any normal company would do a NSMB collection with all of the games, but Nintendo will charge $60 for a single 6 year old game. Sure it's a great game, but it would have to be really cheap for me to revisit on the Switch.
  4. Not interested, but good luck everyone!
  5. Bjomesphat

    Invite Only Torrent Trackers

    Sure I agree for commercially available stuff, it's far more convenient. But there's so much content out there that would be lost without this type of sharing. For example, every Halloween I download a Halloween TGIF block from the 90s, including all of the commercials. It's awesome revisiting that stuff. There are bigger examples like Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars editions, but there's also smaller projects. There are groups out there that track down film reels and do HD transfers that don't exist. Song of the South is a good example as it's unlikely Disney will ever re-release that, it looks fantastic in 1080p though. The Thief and the Cobbler is a great one, as fans have cobbled () together every source they can find to re-create the director's original vision: story boards, brand new film transfers, VHS segments; all to make the best cut available.
  6. I've looked up this game so many times, and everytime I come away disappointed after seeing it's has procedurally generated levels.
  7. Bjomesphat

    Invite Only Torrent Trackers

    For me, what.cd going down was the biggest blow to the torrent scene. A lot of people think torrenting music in this era is a thing of the past with subscription streaming services now, but what.cd was far more than just downloading music. It was easily the largest archive of music in existence. There was so much on there outside of commercially available content. Bootleg shows, demo tapes; if a recording existed of something, it was on what.cd. So now I've been trying to get on waffles, since that recently came back and am hoping it has even a fraction of what what.cd offered. I used to be on waffles.fm, but that shutdown a long time ago. I try not to talk too much about sites I want because invite fishing is prohibited from all of these sites, and sometimes admins will do research on a user. So if anyone is interested in talking about that further, send me a PM.
  8. Bjomesphat

    Invite Only Torrent Trackers

    Anyone ever go down this rabbit hole? This is about as far down into the depths of the internet I go, but it's always fascinated me. Yeah piracy is lame, and I'm not really talking about the overtly illegal content that's shared on some of these trackers, but the ones that share impossible to find stuff and content that has never had a commercial release (eg, concerts, old tv recordings, fan edits, etc). I dunno, I guess I'm just trying to gauge if people are into this scene and how far deep you're in it. I used to belong to quite a few back in the day, but many of them have since been shutdown. I'm trying to get back into it and join some of the more exclusive ones, but man it's tough.
  9. By the time I figured out what this game was, it was too late to go back to N64 games. I saw that boxart on the shelves for years, but always passed over it because it made no sense. Might give it a shot now since I'm a big Descent fan.
  10. Hated FFX. Really enjoyed FFXIII. At the time, it was total eye and ear candy with an amazing battle system, one of the best FF protagonists (Lightning), and serviceable anime story. And I still listen to the soundtrack to this day. Easily one of the best of FF. Of course the linearity, the hand holding, the lack of character customization and the lack of exploration brought it down a few pegs.
  11. I felt most of the side content was rinse and repeat. Some of the larger quests were good, but many didn't have to do with the main quest and so I lost interest. Whereas The Witcher 1 almost every quest served to flesh out the main story or Geralt's character.
  12. I think there's a legitimate argument where technology just isn't there to accommodate making a compelling and timeless game. Which is the case for Atari and any home console in the 70s. But we definitely hit the bare minimum with early 80s arcade and beyond. I think your Undertale example goes against some of your point though. There's nothing technologically in that game that couldn't have been done on the NES, that game is just the result of experience and a mature industry and the growing expectations of consumers. Which of course does fit with your argument that there's a trend that games are improving. Obviously I can't argue that there's a lot of things possible now than there ever was in the past, and growing consumer demands have contributed to higher quality writing and presentation. However, I still don't think any of this necessarily equates to a trend of better games. And just to stir the pot, I would play Metal Gear Solid over MGS4 or MGS5 (probably even MGS2). I also think The Witcher is the best game in the trilogy, The Witcher 2 is awful, and The Witcher 3 is bloated and not very compelling on a gameplay level.
  13. Yeah, you're right. I keep forgetting 8 came after the SNES X series. I don't know what they were thinking there. I really don't like the look of 8. But I've never fully played it, so I'm semi-excited for when I get to it on the Legacy Collection 2.
  14. Oh yeah, meant to talk about Mega Man too. Yeah NES Mega Man is iconic with a very well defined artstyle for the limited hardware. They definitely nailed it with X, but 7 and 8 just look gaudy.
  15. Wanted to disagree with this point too. Is it easier to have more personality in 16-bit games? Sure. But when developers really worked hard on the NES, it pays off huge. Just look at Punch Out on the NES vs the arcade game. The arcade game graphically looks amazing, but the NES game has far more charm and personality and they managed to replicate the gameplay without any sacrifices. Or even SMB3 vs SMW. Mario 3's stage play aesthetic is beautiful and unique. Each stage is unique from the next and many levels have a unique concept or idea that is only seen once. Compared to World's favoring of cohesive themes and settings, it still lacks the variety, randomness, and charm from SMB3. However, Yoshi's Island is a different story and few have topped those aesthetics.