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If Samsung made a home console.


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It would just be another shitty Ouya or a lame ass PC-Console with lame guts for a high price. Sony and MS have settled in as the power consoles and Nintendo makes the other thing that everyone wants to go with their PC or power console. They only way Samsung makes a console is if Apple makes a console. 

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Yeah, Apple is the only company I can see being able to possibly really penetrate the console market. I don’t think they want to in any big way though.


I think they will just let apple tv eventually become more of a console through apple arcade and just being more powerful, and then probably some streaming something down the line and call it a day.


I think for them it just depends on how close their mobile chips can catch up to what’s in the consoles and developer willingness to release a full priced game on the app store. If those two things aligned right then they would just sorta pop in there.


Oh, and they need a dedicated apple gamepad to expand the user base that has them since they will buy anything apple. Then there would be a standard for amount of buttons/features as well.

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