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Antman 2 is better than Antman 1. (open spoilers)


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I really liked it. It was really just more of the same, but I like how Scott was made out to be even more of an average joe than before. I mean, he isn't an average joe really, but I feel like he is one of the realist(?) heroes out of everyone one and it just makes him likable. The villains were weak, but it wasn't like that yellow jacket guy was a great villain. Ghost just felt forced and I didn't really care about her or her plight. Especially as blaming Hank is just a dumb reason. Sure, Hank firing her dad was the reason why he started his own project, but like it wasn't Hank's fault her dad sucked. Honestly, just a more competent Sonny would have been a better villain. 


But whatever, her powers were cool. And I hope the ending means that Scott will also end up getting non-suit powers. While that will weaken his normalness it'll still be cool. Oh, and I was kinda expecting the Mom to not have aged. Like time is slower in the subatomic realm. Kinda weird how she had some weird clothes on and no clue what she ate in there. Maybe it will be explained in Antman 3 but I do hate how her survival and changes were glossed over. 


Overall, I did find it funnier which is the biggest reason why I liked it more. It had the same kind of jokes, but I felt they were improved.


EDIT: I hope there is a SUPER-villain in the next movie tho. I doubt it will happen but I'd prefer the next movie's villain to not be after Hank's tech. 2 movies is enough. 

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Ghost's motivations weren't super compelling but Marvel movies have a history of weak villains, so I still thought it was an improvement to make the focus more about her as an antagonist than about a straight-up villain (obviously they had Sonny as an actual villain but he was clearly just there to move the plot along, with Ghost being the actual focus). Plus her motivations at least actually made sense, even if it was still kind of hard to care about them too much. 

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ANT MAN and its sequel were both wonderful, innocuous fun.  Both were a refreshing MCU change of pace, serving as followups to overwrought tentpole failures.  I'm almost inclined to say that AM and AM&TW were the best MCU movies of their years, but BLACK PANTHER makes that a tenuous position to hold.

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55 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:


I lean more this. For all that was happening, the film felt like wheel-spinning most of the time. 

Thank you..

Ant Man has some of the most charming characters ever put on screen, you could let Pena and Rudd play off each other for the entire movie sitting in an empty room and I'd at least be entertained.. it just moved slowly, had too little of the fun and next to no action.. maybe it's amplified by my wife and son both being bored and wanting to leave.

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