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Found 8 results

  1. "I've been told, by very reliable people that Starfield was 100% an Xbox exclusive. I've even made bets about it, and I don't bet unless I know I'm willing to bet. So I'm really, really confident that Starfield is only releasing on Xbox when it does, and I've been told as well that Microsoft is trying their hardest to get the game out for this holiday. They really want Starfield out this holiday. The game's basically sort of finished - it's in bug squashing mode right now, very much like Halo Infinite, and it would be a big boon for Game Pass and Xbox if both Halo and Starfield could launch this fall."
  2. Fallout 76 | Our Fallout 25th Anniversary celebration concludes with interviews, events and more perks! FALLOUT.BETHESDA.NET Fallout finishes its month-long 25th anniversary celebration strong with a spine-tingling Fallout 76 event, behind-the-scenes looks, in-game rewards and more.
  3. The Human Toll Of Fallout 76’s Disastrous Launch KOTAKU.COM Former ZeniMax developers claim that Fallout 76 was severely mismanaged
  4. 3 years after The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced, Todd Howard is thinking about making it | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM Howard said fans should still think of the new Elder Scrolls game as being in the "design" phase.
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