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Brett McMurphy: Urban Meyer knew in 2015 of domestic abuse allegations against a member of his coaching staff despite denials. UPDATE: Meyer on administrative leave


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Ohio State puts Urban Meyer on administrative leave



Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday as the school announced it is investigating Courtney Smith's claims that several people close to the coach knew of a 2015 allegation of domestic violence against her ex-husband, former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith, who was fired in July.


Offensive coordinator Ryan Day will be the team's acting head coach during the investigation.


"We are focused on supporting our players and on getting to the truth as expeditiously as possible," the school said in a statement.


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I'm an Ohio State fan. Urban probably needs to be fired. It's not clear that he let the Title IX rep at OSU know about this, and Urban sure as shit knew, and he HAS to report.


Also, from McMurphy, he says he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that nearly everyone (and their wives) who has been on staff for Urban since Zack Smith was hired in 2009 at Florida knew something. This has the potential to blow up massively in college football, as coaches on his staff since then have gone on to be head coaches in their own right.


He could have come out and said he thought he could make him a better person, etc by keeping him on staff, but it looks like he's lied to at least the public saying he didn't know, so his only plausible defense is gone with his public statement. 


One of the greatest college football coaches of all time brought down by a shitty WR coach (whose Grandpa was Earl Bruce) out of some stupid, fucked up sense of loyalty.

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3 hours ago, thewhyteboar said:


This is what bothers me about punishments in college sports. Ohio State suspending Urban Meyer for violating some part of his contract has absolutely nothing to do with the NCAA violations at UNC. The issue at OSU is beyond what the NCAA can do (the NCAA couldn't even effectively sanction Penn State for the Sandusky stuff) so shouldn't be compared. What Urban actually did merits firing, but what the narrative says (he knew, reported it, and monitored Smith while trying to "reform" him or whatever) merits a suspension (again, had that been what actually happened) and would be similar to breaking NCAA rules imo


Comparing NCAA punishment for given offences from school to school is reasonable, and THAT shows what is fucked up with the NCAA administration and punishment.

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Vacate every win he has, forever. Money isn’t an object for D1 teams and shit gobbling boosters will open their wallets because they’re human garbage. Hit organizations where it hurts, their “legacy.”


Maybe someone will actually step up if they’re afraid that their silence will compromise the team’s all important record, since clearly nobody gives a single fuck about anything else.

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