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Do you still have your tonsils?


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Yep. I had tonsilitus twice when I was younger (10-11) but nothing since. Of all the weird opinions, it was the best 'illness' I've ever had. I felt tired and had a very sore throat but that meant a) I didn't have to talk to anyone b) ate 'soothing foods c) wasn't so wiped out I couldn't just spend the entire time off school playing N64 and doing the tiny amounts of homework sent home

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4 hours ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Yep. Wish I’d had them removed as a kid. Surprised I didn’t, given how many times I got strep when I was young. They’re a pain these days and I really don’t want to endure that surgery unless I absolutely have to. 

I had the same problem and I would also get tonsillitis. One of the worst times I got sick I believe it was tonsillitis. I remember passing out in class in 8th grade and being sent to the nurses office where they checked my temp which was very high. I ended up passing out again on a cot. Nobody could pick me up from school so I slept on the bus and passed out again at home. My mom took me to a clinic because I had a very high temperature still when she got home. 

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