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  1. Hello Luke. I have a question. Why is your driveatar in Forza Horizon a woman?
  2. I know you from somewhere. You remind me of a guy that we used to call Titan Quads.
  3. I’ve been drinking a lot tonight. So I’m not sure if this has anything to do with this thread. But let’s all have some hardcore butt sex
  4. A very intelligent and wise man.
  5. Seeing you reminds me of being banned.
  6. Meh... I'm still going to be calling them the Redskins. I think most people in this area will be as well.
  7. I was yes. Then I looked outside yesterday and saw a damn ground hog running across my lawn with a tomato plant.
  8. So you are incapable of providing any sexual pleasure at all?
  9. I noticed that you tagged this “PCCB”. So I assume you’d like a cock and shaft in the ass for thanksgiving?
  10. I drive in there every day to the Coke plant on Erie Ave. I don’t get to see a lot of art in that part of town.
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