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PlayStation Plus July games lineup (NBA 2k20, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Erica) & a thank you for 10 years of supporting PS Plus (new theme and free weekend)


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We’ll be releasing a free PS4 theme later this week to celebrate 10 years of PS Plus. The theme will be available on PS Store for a limited time, so be on the lookout. For those of you who haven’t tried the online multiplayer benefit for PS Plus, we’ll also be hosting a free online multiplayer weekend starting July 4 at 12:01AM through July 5 at 11:59PM in your local time. (Online multiplayer game sold separately. Requires internet connection and PlayStation Network account.)


Erica was an under-the-radar game released last year that I've thought about getting. Now it's a no-brainer. Seems like a 21st century Night Trap.

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I think I have 2k14, 2k16, and 2k20 thanks to PS Plus. And I bought 2k19 last year during a crazy sale where it was cut to 2.99 from 60 only a few monthes after release.


I mean, they're not to most exciting entries in the PS+ lineup, but I tend to eventually get some play out of them.


I guess we should have seen a Tomb Raider anniversary edition coming as a PS+ anniversary game. I would be pysched for it, but already purchased it a while back. Womp womp.

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I think Sony probably figured nobody gave a shit it was 10 years of PS Plus (and honestly, who gives a shit) and didn't have anything prepared. Then when some site posted a story about like "WHAT WILL THEY DO FOR THE 10 YEAR??" they were like crap I dunno...throw in a FMV game I guess. 


That said I'm excited to play 2K. Used to play a lot of sports games, but just don't prioritize them anymore. 

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