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Have you ever finished taking a dump and


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14 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

After eating frosted mini wheat it really cleans you out.


35 minutes ago, Biggie said:

When I eat those I have to run to the bathroom the next day or I’ll just go right in my pants. 


7 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Not as hardcore as grape nuts. I used to ignore the serving size and had to go within a couple of hours. ?


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18 hours ago, Chris- said:

Not in size, but definitely in quantity. You get that satisfying feeling of lightness and think to yourself, 'Man, I expelled a lot of waste from my body.'


When it's really good that light airy floatiness can last for hours. :daydream:

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1 hour ago, gamer.tv said:

My new favourite is the now or never shit after going for an early morning jog. Dicey but satisfying.


I hate how it always goes from zero to urgent, like, right around the corner. It's like your sphincter knows the toilet is near and relaxes premature. 

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1 hour ago, Chris- said:

The most underrated shit is after holding it in so you can jerk off. Pure bliss.


If you eat before this combo, and then shower and nap afterwards, I honestly get scared that I wont bother to wake up again.

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