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Are you following your dreams?

Duchess May

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I switched careers this year from a corporate software developer and went into the VFX industry. It's been super hard, but now I feel 1% famous having seen my name in the credits of a film (Skyscraper) at the cinema. It feels super weird, like it's not supposed to be there, but I love what I do!


How about you guys?


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The dream: be a teacher with a focus on coaching rugby.

Currently: work as a teaching assistant, work in a call centre but will be coaching this autumn. 


The answer is somewhat, but it will hinge on being accepted for teacher training after this October. 

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On 7/27/2018 at 12:09 AM, The def star said:

My dream was to be a house DJ in France. I'm a DJ at a strip club in Orange County. So I'm still a bit away from my dream.

I used to spin house too back in the day... hilarious.

I'm basically living my dream to be honest... I'm making a living doing what I went to school for and I'm dating the girl of my dreams. I'm still editing and producing rather than writing and directing,  but I make a decent living so I'm cool.

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