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  1. i'm ready to call out shit once i leave, once I have another job lined up. but honestly not trying to look at the moment as it's stable and my wife and I aggressively saving.
  2. It truly is an awkward feeling right now. Incredibly cringe when employees circle jerk the guy and all their top execs. I don't look at anything anymore except for my tasks at hand now.
  3. I finally set up a gym in the garage. when I bench, I don't put on the clips on my barbell in case of failure, lean to one side and let those plates slide off. Better that than dead.
  4. Initially my reaction was total cringe and anger for her doing so while driving, plus her super awkward shouting... but I'm with you there... internally I have a little version of that lady in my head, too. I've been going crazy at the sad and unfortunate timing and what could happen.
  5. Disgusting piece of shit. It's just a damn number to this fuckwit. He doesn't care at all. Our family last night lost another relative to covid-19, she spent over two months in a coma stuck on a ventilator but her body just couldn't take it anymore. This whole covid situation being so horribly mishandled is making me angrier every day. Republicans who sit idly by and let this garbage get worse piss me the fuck off so damn much. Seeing people just going out, eating out, traveling, and so on piss me off so damn much, especially when they are not wearing a mask, and especially moron trumpers and
  6. I wish I didn't know this was happening, thanks title with spoiler.
  7. I am excited for this, but at the same time, somewhat iffy about it. Still buying it. Still playing it though.
  8. Shit, I've been meaning to get this bundle even though I literally have no one but MAYBE my wife to play with.
  9. I'll join but I'll just do what I do best, lurk. I'll be the creepy guy just staring at you all.
  10. I'd be down for this if true as I've only played a few hours of it. So, I'd rather spend $60 dollars than get my Wii out of storage and hook it up lol
  11. I use it to stay employed at the moment. :(
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