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  1. Why not do both? I was going to insert a gif of the girl from the taco commercial but stopped when I realized that would be inappropriate in this thread. here have this:
  2. Wow, I can't believe I started off over at IGN's forums 19-20 years ago... fuck time flies
  3. I adore this album. I finally snagged a copy of the physical album through the "re-release" due to popular demand. I am happy...er now.
  4. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. But I'm pissed I missed out on the pre-order... anyone have an extra copy by chance?
  5. So I skipped to the last page and I'm kind of shocked at it's reception... I saw this with my fam on Sunday. I really enjoyed it, Seth Rogen was a great Pumba IMO. I wish they had used "Seth" instead of "Brad", would have been a silly, stupid but funny thing to do. My biggest gripe with this movie was the stampede scene didn't work for me... it just didn't feel impactful. Also, adult Simba and Scar. I really felt Donald Glover was definitely not the right choice for this role. I love the guy so much but his voice isn't deep and strong enough to play a freaking adult lion. Also, I absolutely adore Jeremy Irons and his version of scar, so I'm super sad they went with someone else. I think someone mentioned Beyonce was bad or something? I do not like her, but I was fine with her as Nala. Otherwise, I had fun with this movie. I'd probably give it a 7.5/10. My niece loved it though, I'm sure she'd give it a 10/10. She's 2 1/2 and sat through the whole thing amazingly and kept roaring at all of us for a good while after the movie haha
  6. I'm fine with Ariel going to a black woman, but I'm not a huge fan of her acting, at least from what I've seen on Grownish.
  7. I think it turned out to be nothing but still no official word. Folks were evacuated out of precaution. I was there after the fact and it was like nothing happened.
  8. So I was in Ireland recently. I've had Guinness before but Guinness in Ireland is significantly better IMO. Recommended!
  9. Oh that was live? My finger injury was somewhat gnarly, too. Sucked that local anesthesia never worked, really felt the stitches going in and out.
  10. Absolutely loved the original, but since it's been so long, I'm down for this ASAP. Just wish the dreamers edition had a digital copy with the physical book (and not sold out on Amazon at the moment). Starting to hate buying physical game copies...
  11. Anyone watch the Nintendo direct for Pokemon Sword/Shield? I'm excited to pick this up and play through. Haven't really played anything since Diamond, although I started Pokemon Y (earned only 1 badge) but never picked it up again ever since someone stole my 3DS back then.
  12. Watched it with my wife yesterday and we both came out happy with it. She loved it, I liked it. I found it fun and entertaining, even though it was little cringey at times. Definitely not 100% sold on the singing. I went in knowing it was rating low on RT so not sure if my lowered expectations helped me like the movie... overall I liked it. Oh yeah, Jafar was just annoying to me, bad casting?
  13. Latinos* mostly. My guess, California is too liberal and racists were repressed for too long and just blowing their top off.
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