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  1. Has anyone posted this yet? My wife's friend found this and shared it with her, parler user locations of when they uploaded shit or something. https://kylemcdonald.net/parler/map/
  2. Pro, eventually I'll get the PS5 but probably not for a few years or whenever the first price drop happens... whichever happens first. She got me the physical copy, I believe it says I can swap for a digital copy of the PS5 version or something like that. Oof, that's kind of rough and disappointing. Damn I was so hyped for this, it's a shame it's such a mess. Now I'm not so sure if I want to risk trying on PC.
  3. Ahh kind of a bummer, she's asking me why I haven't played it yet but been hesitant to open it. Maybe I can have her get a refund or something, maybe get it on PC instead but not sure how my old gaming rig would handle it... haven't really used it much until the last week or so. It's i5-8600k stock, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB.
  4. Cawthorn's gf probably gets railed when he aint lookin'. She's damn gorgeous.
  5. My irrelevant 2 cents.... All of these shows suck. The Office especially. Seinfeld got old fast. Friends was okay during the first few seasons but turned to shit quickly. Cheers just never got into it so I won't say anything about it. What else did I see above...? That 70's Show was great in the beginning but also turned to shit. The simpsons too. Fuck them all.
  6. Just heard from my sister who works in a clinic for Stanford that her boss has told them that 6 feet of distancing is no longer required. *shrugs*
  7. This in my mom's town of Nandaime, Nicaragua. She just sent me this clip.
  8. I would love to show off Biden flags and signs but I'm afraid a trumpican would come and rip my throat out.
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