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2 hour marathon barrier has been broken

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The pacers (some of the best runners in the world at multiple distances) also rotated every 5K, their transitions were pretty seamless so they definitely practiced a lot.


Kipchoge looked like he barely broke a sweat when he finished, truly mind boggling the pace that he ran at.

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4 hours ago, Paperclyp said:

True how about 15 seconds? I mean just the fact that we are saying this makes it all the crazier lol. 

15 seconds sound about right, his pace is basically most people’s sprint.  I think a good amount of people couldn’t even reach that speed ever.

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here is another video that really puts this into perspective how fast this pace is, this is an Olympian that ran the 800m and 1500m. This guy isn't in his prime anymore but I grantee he would outrun 99.99+% of the population, he didn't make it 3 minutes. 




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