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Let's make educated guesses about one another


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I'll go first!


I think @sblfilms regularly has sex with his wife inside his movie theater. Think about it! They have multiple kids and multiple businesses to run; they probably never have any time to themselves at home, and even when they do, the crushing weight of domesticity probably obliterates their libido. Meanwhile, a movie theater is a nice, quiet place from 2 a.m. until like 10:50 a.m. I bet they drop the kids off at school in the morning, drop their pants in the projector room, then do like, payroll or something, so their employees don't suspect anything. Plus, think of what an aphrodisiac it must be to be in a multi-million dollar entertainment complex you own and control! 


That is my educated guess: sbl *fucks*, and he does it in his own movie theater.

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3 hours ago, Rachel said:

@Jason is wildly insecure and works hard to try come off as at least semi socially competent in the real world (keyword is try), but cries when he is alone and overwhelmed with intense feelings of inadequacy. 

Tbf most liberals enjoy a good cry

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