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  1. Via Task Manager yes. Also not sure if this as addressed, but shutting down my PC doesn't fully shut down everything. Earlier for some reason Word and Firefox reopened after booting my PC back up without prompt
  2. If we're talking about the antivirus that's off. Firewall is another story.
  3. Yes, this is a weird fucking topic to create. Yes, this is also weird as fuck to disclose. I dreamed that I was banned by @SFLUFAN, for being passive aggressive, spamming, and just being an overall nuisance. Somehow I must have pissed him off, but I never noticed until I was banned in my dream. Also me: I haven't been sleeping well, and partially I've been having a lot of anxiety from shit happening IRL Also me: I've been in therapy so a lot of shit that I've been discussing has been resurfacing. Also me: My field placement does a lot of things with clinical social work. Also me: My anxiety has definitely been haywire. Also me: I don't fucking know if I'm okay. Also me: Why for any explicable reason am I telling you all this shit? Don't you all fucking hate me anyway?
  4. I didn't notice you had a follow-up question LOL I think I've pretty much watched all of his full-length movies? 5 cm Per Second The Place Promised In our early Days Those Who Chase Lost Voices Garden of Words Your Name
  5. Sonic - It's a good 6.5/10. Perfect length and plenty of soul into making the movie. I can respectfully applaud for it. I've someone that got me into this show. Now you're making me dread my marathoning session.
  6. Speaking of which, exactly where were the old windows files located, and how are they interfering with system performance?
  7. @Keyser_Soze @SimpleGokay found my second issue. Why does Windows Explorer or whatever it is lag constantly after my computer is on for a while?
  8. Well either way let's see if that fixes some of the lag within the OS. Fingers crossed tbh.
  9. So it turns out after the switch my graphics driver was never installed into the new OS.
  10. I recently switched to Windows 10 after Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, but for some reason there's numerous optimization issues I have with using the OS. Some of the checklist of things I have issues with: After leaving my PC on for more than 24 hours the system gets significantly slower Sometimes there are issues with graphical glitches with videos Dragging windows from one monitor to the other lagging. Not being able to hold and drag full screen windows from one monitor to the other unless windows are un-maximized. PC shut down not a full shut down, and some start-up programs don't start up properly There are a few others I'm forgetting to mention. I will say that I did upgrade directly from Windows 7 without doing a full clean reinstallation, including drivers and programs. I'm not sure if that has to do with any possibility of why my computer is acting slower than usual. I'd like to see if there are some missing steps in how to improve OS optimizing.
  11. Then just laugh at it. Because it just becomes comedy the more you see something tragic.
  12. You're all complaining about Bruce Wayne using the gun for symbolic purposes silly, but having Henry Cavill explain what the S meant isn't?
  13. You can say the same when you can make your speculative claims on someone who recently passed away. Wrong place, poor timing. Learn to read the tone of the room/thread before you click the "submit reply" button next time.
  14. Kids at my field placement are going to feel some way. I'm more processing the fact that anyone, regardless of how renowned or accomplished you are, can die anytime. Subconsciously feel sad, but trying to put myself in his family/close members perspectives and that's actually painful.
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