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  1. I used the G400 when the G500 was a thing at the time. IIRC that was supposed to be the equivalent of the MX518, which I did like. I really wish they added a braided cable though .
  2. darkness35

    Nintendo Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 2PM PT/5PM ET

    Can only hope for a steam version
  3. Fucking mainland China asking for someone famous to play genie.
  4. darkness35

    Superman vs Goku, who would win?

    I think Batman wins.
  5. darkness35

    He is lord Melatonin

    For someone fucking retarded like you I'm surprised you didn't kill yourself yet.
  6. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms - 8.5/10 Fuck this movie legit made me tear up. @Greatoneshere @Ghost_MH Did you guys watch it yet?
  7. darkness35

    ~* Tripe/Counter-Tripe *~

    Dunno, but apparently kids in the rutgers subreddit think that trying to get this fat fuck away from the campus equates to me babyraging because HURR DURR I DON"T LIKE HIM THEREFORE WE SHOULDN"T GIVE HIM A PLATFORM.
  8. darkness35

    ~* Tripe/Counter-Tripe *~

    This annoys me.
  9. The fact that I have to pay 15 of additional bullshit fees annoys me. Fucking gamestop.
  10. For a moment I thought this was being developed by the MK team
  11. darkness35

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I started getting back into Bloodborne, and I think I'm at the final boss, Gehrman?
  12. darkness35

    Now that's an Oreo

    To be honest, I find myself liking oatmeal raisin cookies the older I get.
  13. darkness35

    PC Tech This changes RGB forever

    Did he break your machine too? :lul: