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  1. darkness35

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Just bought and played a bit of Musynx. Not used to the keyboard controls, will most likely set up my DS4 after I finish this assignment for class.
  2. So who was the brave one to point that out, and get Donny's wrath?
  3. darkness35

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    As much of the context I'm attempting to understand, I still think I got a bit of brain hemorrhage.
  4. darkness35

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

  5. Bayonetta And I guess a Kitchenaid.
  6. SO and I watched a Chinese movie on Netflix called This Is Not What I Expected. It was silly comedy that also made us hungry 9/10
  7. Good to know I take your opinion with a grain of salt
  9. https://puu.sh/C5dzH/80a2480915.mp4 I reaaaaally wish I had a soundboard from Destiny
  10. darkness35

    Active shooter at Mercy Hospital in Chicago

    America has another shot at gun control/reform, but they'll miss the mark as always.
  11. darkness35

    General Gaming What is your current GOTY?

    DJMAX Respect.
  12. Laughable because it's what the tumblr/twitter social rejects do whenever someone passes away. HURR DURR LERK HE DED I CELEBRAT SUK MA EDGY DICK