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  1. Not a fan of mayo generally in most foods, but I'm okay with using it as dipping for grilled/broiled salmon.
  2. darkness35

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    damn it, envious.
  3. darkness35

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    @gamer.tv how do you build up that much stamina by running 3 miles straight?
  4. I've always been kind of a masochist with higher difficulties (but not impossible) with gaming. I'm getting used to some of the gunplay, but I really need to work on my aiming, which does throw me off a bit.
  5. darkness35

    General Gaming Holy shit the balls on Filip Miucin

    The thing with Youtube is the monetization changes that basically fucks over content creators unless they upload videos of specific minimal lengths every day. This fucks over creators who put effort into putting videos, whereas creators who just do simple shit like clickbait or stream highlights get better revenue in the long run. There's a partial reason why shit channels like Synapse basically steal content from other streamers for monteziation revenue.
  6. darkness35

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Was playing a bit of Doom 2016 and did a coop mission in SC2 as Vorazun. Thought the buffs to her were live, but I guess not :\
  7. I haven't gotten that far, but playing on the available hard mode and it feels like my shotgun is a horrible peashooter.
  8. darkness35

    General Gaming Holy shit the balls on Filip Miucin

    I wouldn't be surprised if the added fluff is due to word count requirements for the reviews.
  9. darkness35

    General Gaming Holy shit the balls on Filip Miucin

    Jebait all the things.
  10. darkness35

    Dog lick caused infection

    I mean, I've had a pomeranian a few years ago that licked me constantly. Didn't have any issues. Wisconsin, you guys okay there with your dogs?
  11. I've got a few. Say Anything 4/10 Probably because I loathe the genre or I wasn't from the era, but I cared little about the movie. The Godfather Part 1 8/10 I'm under the assumption that these movies were directed to be built with multiple parts, but I appreciate the slow burn and buildup of what's going on within the movie. Though I think I'm sort of missing something with Michael's exile Pacific Rim: Uprising 3/10 TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLO. That's how it felt watching it. God, why?
  12. I know. Thanks for having the same manchild behavior for about nearly a decade. Enjoy D1P until you're unbanned from IGN in the meanwhile.
  13. darkness35

    General Gaming Holy shit the balls on Filip Miucin

    Easy lazy way to get paid and play games for free. Not much else to say other than the evident lack of moral code.
  14. darkness35

    PC Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games

    Don't bother. As much as I hate Kotaku, this one was legit enough based on the confirmation of current/former employees at Riot.