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BO Report: Men In Black forgot how to gross more than $30 million

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$28.5 million opening and a B CinemaScore.



It was another disappointing weekend for a pair of new sequels as both Sony's Men in Black International and WB's Shaft were both unable to reach even the slimmest of studio expectations heading into the weekend. The weekend is down significantly compared to last year when Incredibles 2 bowed with a record-shattering $182.6 million opening and next weekend will turn to Pixar once again, looking to Toy Story 4 to turn the tide.


Sony's release of Men in Black International debuted with a disappointing $28.5 million from 4,224 locations. By comparison, this is the lowest opening in the franchise by over $20 million as all three of the previous installments opened with over $51 million. The $110 million production joins a slew of recently released sequels to not only under-perform based on pre-weekend expectations, but severely under-performing based on previous films in the franchise. Entering the weekend the film received mostly negative reviews and opening day audiences gave the film a "B" CinemaScore, which is hardly a ringing endorsement. The film played to an opening weekend crowd that was 56% male with 53% of the overall audience coming in aged 25 or older.


The weekend chart


Looking at BOM, 14 million tickets were sold, less than half of last year when Incredibles 2 opened. All in all, it's the least attended weekend in this time frame (24th weekend of the year) since 1997.

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Apparently there were a lot of behind the scenes issues that caused this movie to turn out poorly, similar to Suicide Squad, The Mummy, Hellboy, and Dark Phoenix. Maybe studio and producer interference/notes isn't a good thing. Wonder when Hollywood will catch on.





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