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NFL Offseason Thread


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5 hours ago, TwinIon said:

So what do people expect to go better: Brady's time without Bill or Bill's time without Brady?


I'd put my money on Bill.

My money is on Bill too. Bruce Arians' style is for the QB to stand up in the pocket until he can huck it deep. He gets QBs killed. So either he has to change up his whole offensive style to work with Brady, or Brady is gonna get walloped in the pocket.

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Thinking about it, I guess this is probably a low risk/high reward situation for Brady. He gets a ton of money while also getting a chance to prove he isn't a system QB. If the o-line can't keep him safe then he has an easy out while raking in some cash. If the o-line can keep him safe, he has some pretty great talent on the receiving end to do some damage. It's still just going to be weird.

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