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NFL Offseason Thread


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5 minutes ago, Jose said:

It's actually the most true for MLB imo.


It's true for most drafts up to a point. The NBA second round should be based on the team's needs more than the simple best player around. NBA drafts aren't usually that deep, so the players drafted in the second round aren't usually going to be starters. The same definitely goes for the NFL. The first round should be spent on the best player available with subsequent rounds filling in holes. The Patriots usually know this and so they have no problem trading out of the first round if they're mostly concerned with filling holes. They also causing have pretty solid teams, so they're usually concerned with tweaking.


The MLB draft is such a crapshoot and so wildly long and ridiculous that I chose to ignore it exists as anything more than a curiosity. I also refuse to take like 90% of scouting reports seriously. There are usually like what? 1 or 2 sure things and then a pile of maybe highschool kids that might not even sign with the team that drafted them and may opt for college instead and try again later. Baseball is weird compared to any other professional sport in this nation.

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On 8/23/2020 at 8:31 PM, thewhyteboar said:

Carroll should have won multiple coach of the year awards for how well he managed all the wild personalities the Seahawks have had over the years. Harbaugh couldn't even manage ET for more than one season.



Are we ever going to hear the story on why he got cut, or is just going to be soft speculation on the "doesn't play well with others"?


Forgive is I am not familiar with him, but this is big time "You're an a**hole" if they are kicking a player of his caliber.


As a Bills fan there were many outsiders around the League that thought Beane was crazy when he and McDermott did their purge a few years ago.  


I was fine with it then, overjoyed with it now...quickly get the guys out that don't want to be here, don't want to work, and/or both.  No matter how good they are, they will drag the team down. 


Still curious, though, on Thomas' situation.

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