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NFL Week 3 - Everyone Loves Doubleheaders


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Thursday, September 21
Matchup Time (PT) TV
spacer.png NY Giants at spacer.png San Francisco 5:15 PM Prime Video
Sunday, September 24
Matchup   Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Tennessee at spacer.png Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Atlanta at spacer.png Detroit 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png New Orleans at spacer.png Green Bay 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Denver at spacer.png Miami 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png LA Chargers at spacer.png Minnesota 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png New England at spacer.png NY Jets 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Buffalo at spacer.png Washington 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Houston at spacer.png Jacksonville 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Indianapolis at spacer.png Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Carolina at spacer.png Seattle 1:05 PM CBS
spacer.png Chicago at spacer.png Kansas City 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Dallas at spacer.png Arizona 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Pittsburgh atspacer.png Las Vegas 5:20 PM NBC
Monday, September 25
Matchup   Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Philadelphia at spacer.png Tampa Bay 4:15 PM ABC
spacer.png LA Rams at spacer.png Cincinnati 5:15 PM ESPN



2nd week in a row we've had a Monday night double header. What genius thought it would be a good idea to have them overlap is another story.

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5 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Defense wasn't doing them any favors either. No one was covering Hill it seemed.


3 minutes ago, PaladinSolo said:

I mean Denver put up 20 points and theres still like 7 minutes left, but you can't win games when the opposing team scores 10 TDs, and theres still 7 minutes left.


Correction. No one is covering anyone. :p

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19 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

This game has been bad but Jimmy G about to become legendary.

Or go into concussion protocol cause Jimmy G is a walking injury.


Its stupid that the Cowboys were being proclaimed the best defense in the league after beating the Giants and the uhhhh Jets...  Not saying they have a bad defense but its not like they played even good offenses, lol.

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