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Persona 3 Reload & Persona 5 Tactica leak on Atlus Instagram (Both coming to Xbox Gamepass)


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A bit of a blow to Xbox Showcase

Persona 3 Reload
Description: Your story begins again. Memento Mori. 🌙

Awaken the depths of your heart in Persona 3 Reload, the genre-defining RPG now reborn for modern consoles.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC in early 2024!

Persona 5 Tactica 




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Game Information

Game Title: Persona 5 Tactica


  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 17, 2023)
  • Nintendo Switch (Nov 17, 2023)
  • PC (Nov 17, 2023)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Nov 17, 2023)
  • Xbox One (Nov 17, 2023)
  • PlayStation 4 (Nov 17, 2023)


Publisher: SEGA

    Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 79 average - 72% recommended

Critic Reviews



Atomix - Aldo López - Spanish - 90 / 100

If you like Persona 5 and all its spinoffs that have come out over the years, it is clear that Tactica should not be missing from your collection, especially if you are an enthusiast of strategy games.

But Why Tho? - Kyle Foley - 8.5 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a great example of how to do a spin-off game right by balancing familiar components with a new approach. There is plenty to enjoy for new and old fans alike and everything is tied together in a package that is equal parts approachable and fulfilling.

CGMagazine - Brendan Frye - 6 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica, while trying some new things in the series ultimately falls flat. With a bland story and mediocre gameplay, I think its time we leave Joker and the gang alone.

COGconnected - Nicola Kapron - 75 / 100

All in all, Persona 5 Tactica is far from perfect. But it looks pretty sound, it sounds excellent, and it is fun. If you just want to see more of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, you could certainly do worse. And if you open your heart to the new cast, Erina and Toshiro have a lot going for them. Just be prepared to replay levels a lot on higher difficulties.

Checkpoint Gaming - Charlie Kelly - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is another successful voyage for the Phantom Thieves. Little is better than the warm feeling inside of revisiting this cast of characters I've come to know so fondly and intimately in a new, but familiar style. There are small ways Atlus could've made this a more blown-out affair, but it's never too much of a bother when the game is this solid and satisfying to play.

Digital Trends - Jess Reyes - 3 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica's strategic elements are its highlights, but don't expect it to take your heart.

DualShockers - Peter Szpytek - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica takes a while to really get going, but once it does, you'll have no choice but to stick around for the ride. DualShockers was provided with a copy of the game for review purposes.

Eurogamer - Henry Stockdale - 3 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica marks a welcome return for the Phantom Thieves, delivering a fun strategy spin-off with plenty of heart.

Everyeye.it - Antonello Bello - Italian - 8.3 / 10

Just like his Phantom Thieves, ATLUS isn't missing a beat, and against all odds, Persona 5 Tactica has proven to be a solid and enjoyable tactician.

Final Weapon - Raul Ochoa - 4 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica is a really fun RPG that brings interesting new characters, addicting gameplay, and a story that delivers lighthearted and dark themes alike. Although the game doesn't exactly move the Persona series forward in a substantial way, Persona 5 Tactica brings an intriguing twist to the gameplay systems that fans come to know and love in a well-rounded RPG that respects the player's time.

Game Rant - Shane Robert Moyer - 4 / 5

Atlus' Persona 5 Tactica drops the Phantom Thieves in a Medieval Europe-style world as they are dragged into an ongoing revolution by a mysterious figure. Rather than a traditional turn-based JRPG, the Persona 5 spin-off falls within the tactics genre.

GameBlast - Matheus Senna de Oliveira - Portuguese - 8.5 / 10

The new adventures of Joker and company in Persona 5 Tactica manage to mix turn-based RPG with strategy in a very competent way. Exuding style and an engaging story, especially thanks to its charismatic characters, each new mission and its developments are unmissable. In particular, I liked the great freedom in solving missions and their challenges. Although the title is not on the same level as the original game, its quality is undeniable and it certainly has a lot of fun and challenge to offer. Another mandatory release for fans of the series and a good choice for anyone who wants to start getting to know this unique universe.

GameXplain - Loved

Video Review - Quote not available

Gamer Guides - Chris Moyse - 6.5 / 10

While die-hard Phantom Thieves will enjoy stepping into the Metaverse once again - as slick, stylish, and cool as it ever was - Persona 5 Tactica lacks variety, momentum, and challenge. Its key issue lies in a fatal lack of mechanical balance, resulting in an endearing but unsatisfying strategy experience.

GamesRadar+ - Rollin Bishop - 4 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica makes the most of combining Persona and tactics (as the name implies) together, forming a charming amalgamation out of the two for a surprisingly dense mechanical experience and powerful story that nevertheless loses something by omitting anything resembling side activities.

Gaming Age - Braden Czerwinski - 9 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is yet another example of Atlus knocking it out of the park with this franchise.

GamingTrend - Dalton McClain - 90 / 100

In summary, Persona 5 Tactica offers a great story with engaging factors, vibrant colors, dynamic art styles, new characters, and music. It masters a compelling story while also presenting older and nostalgic characteristics of Persona 5. With a fresh new coat of paint, Persona 5 Tactica is worth it to suit up as a Phantom Thief and liberate the worlds of the Metaverse.

God is a Geek - Lyle Carr - 9 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a tactics game unlike any other, with really clever combat that requires a lot of thought and that Persona style we all love.

God is a Geek - Lyle Carr - 9 / 10

The Switch port of Persona 5 Tactica is absolutely wonderful, and it's a perfect game to play portably thanks to its lovely bite sized missions.

Hobby Consolas - Daniel Quesada - Spanish - 77 / 100

It won't satisfy everyone, but this twist on the Persona formula offers satisfactory moments and a gameplay that becomes more and more attractive with every mision.

IGN - Leana Hafer - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a big bag of bite-sized Phantom Thieves adventures that keeps the spirit of the series alive and shows that it can work great with a grid-based battle system.

IGN Italy - Alessandro Digioia - Italian - 7 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is the first game in the Persona 5 sub-series to make me wonder if we really needed to see the Phantom Thieves again. It's never bad, but it does feel pointless most of the times. The new story is just "more of the same" without any real twists, and the combat system, although pretty fun, lacks depth and isn't particularly challenging. Still, it menages to entertain for most of it's 30 hours duration.

IGN Spain - Esteban Canle - Spanish - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica brings the Phantom Thieves back together for fans to enjoy in a strategy and role-playing game full of possibilities. A new opportunity to live adventures with Joker and his friends, this time leading a new revolution. On a negative note, it may fall short for those with a lot of experience in this type of games.

Nintendo Life - Mitch Vogel - 9 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a thrillingly varied tactical RPG that fans of the Phantom Thieves and the genre should take note of. It's a little on the easy side, but the varied gameplay, excellent soundtrack, striking visuals, and lovable characters all make for a very easy recommendation here.

PC Invasion - Jack Salter - 10 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica seamlessly blends the SRPG genre with Persona 5. With combat mechanics that elevate the game and a story that ramps up to be enrapturing and heart-wrenching, Persona 5 Tactica is easily my favorite Persona spin-off, and I hope Atlus makes more SRPGs with this style of gameplay.

PSX Brasil - Thiago de Alencar Moura - Portuguese - 85 / 100

If you're a fan of the series, this is yet another spin-off that will please you quite a bit and introduce you to an addictive new genre.

Press Start - Harry Kalogirou - 7.5 / 10

It certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel, but offers a more than competent tactics experience within a framework that's sure to please any Persona fan.

Prima Games - Shaun Cichacki - 8 / 10

If you’re a fan of Persona, then it’s something you should at least consider giving a try, even if it may be time for the Phantom Thieves to retire into a quieter life altogether, finally.

Pure Xbox - PJ O'Reilly - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is another very solid and self-assured spin-off for Atlus' stellar RPG franchise. Placing the Phantom Thieves in tactical turn-based battles works a treat here, with addictive and challenging strategy complimented by a slick sense of style, strong writing and a campaign narrative that will keep fans happy. Whether you're here for Persona specifically or you're just wanting a solid slice of tactical action to dig into, this one has got you well and truly covered.

Push Square - Liam Croft - 7 / 10

Joker and co have enjoyed a great run, but Persona 5 fatigue is well and truly beginning to set in.

RPG Fan - Ben Love - 75%

Persona 5 Tactica crafts an engaging personal narrative but falters in conveying its themes and delivering satisfying turn-based tactical combat.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Siobhán Casey - Unscored

A turn-based strategy 'em up with the Persona 5 gang that might be a bit too simplistic for some, and anime for others, but still makes for a nice excuse to hang with pals.

Screen Rant - Cody Gravelle - 4 / 5

Ultimately, Persona 5 Tactica is another fun spin-off that proves the depth of its source material. Persona 5 has successfully ported itself to the musou, rhythm, and tactical genres, all the while maintaining the charm and flash that made it so instantly recognizable. At this point, it would be weirder to see a genre that the series didn't successfully adapt itself to than one it does.

Siliconera - Jenni Lada - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica shows the series can adapt well to strategy genre, as the game is largely entertaining and includes familiar concepts well.

Spaziogames - Gianluca Arena - Italian - 7.8 / 10

Despite being an enjoyable SRPG suitable for all age groups, thanks to five levels of difficulty and a challenge rate that is never really prohibitive even at the highest ones, Persona 5 Tactica is, on balance, the least brilliant product among those generated by the fame of the franchise and the talent of the minds within Atlus.

Stevivor - Steve Wright - 7.5 / 10

Highly stylised and easy enough to understand, though complex and demanding as all hell.

The Game Crater - Tom Wilson - 6 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica's deep turn-based mechanics and intriguing story are great, but it fails to live up to the very game it is based on.

The Games Machine - Nicholas Mercurio - Italian - 9 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a passionate and better work in every light and nuance. Enriched by a detailed game design, defined at its best by many approaches that can be carried out at your preference, its greatest merit is to be linked to the original title and to involve, at the same time, with a strategic vision à la X-Com particularly successful. It's a video game you won't want to miss, full of nuances and things to do, as well as enriched by a moving story.

TheGamer - Stacey Henley - 3 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica is undone by the fact it's unsure if it's putting the Persona twist on the tactical grid game, or using Persona characters to introduce newcomers to the genre. Maps and missions are repetitive, the more interesting elements that each Persona brings are sanded off, and there's an overreliance on basic gun and melee attacks that don't suit the Phantom Thieves at all. But when it clicks, there is an unmistakable charm about the Phantom Thieves themselves, and drawn-out though they may be, the epic scale of the bosses is a good shake-up for the genre. It's not the perfect goodbye of Strikers, but it is a sign that the sun should set on the Phantom Thieves in peace.

TheSixthAxis - Nic Bunce - 7 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a good game, but it is a game that's standing on the shoulders of giants – when the giant is the size of Satanael, you have a lot to live up to. Indeed, it's very difficult to score this and not compare it to the other games in the series as a result. Tactica is good, but it's not great, and while it is always nice to sink into that warm-bath feeling of hanging out with your fictional friends, it won't be remembered as either a series high or the best spin-off the franchise has to offer.

Twinfinite - Rowan Jones - 4.5 / 5

I’m not going to give much away here about the story because it is best to enjoy it as it unfolds. Let’s just say it is camp, surprising, and so much fun! It is clear Persona 5 Tactica was created for both old and new players alike, and I for one am grateful for that. I look forward to seeing what else the Persona series has to offer.

Wccftech - Francesco De Meo - 8.5 / 10

The narrative remains compelling, the characters charming, the presentation slick and the solid tactical rounds the package well, making the game an engaging experience from beginning to end. The game's low challenge level, however, and the established status of the Phantom Thieves limits its appeal to die-hard fans of the series.

WellPlayed - Nathan Hennessy - 6 / 10

Persona 5's toe-tapping tunes and infectious energy are present, but Tactica forgets to bring fresh ideas or variety.

WhatIfGaming - Hristijan Pavlovski - 9 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a breath of fresh air for the turn-based tactics genre that feels familiar, yet challenging, and has enough depth to easily stand toe-to-toe with its peers. Despite the genre shift, it retains all the hallmarks of a Persona title and blends those aspects with dazzling polish. It's fun, challenging, a blast to play, and a must-have for any Persona fan, serving as a good entry point for strategy lovers looking to get into Persona.

Windows Central - Alexander Cope - 4 / 5

Persona 5 Tactica is an enjoyable Strategy RPG spin-off romp despite featuring a relatively run-of-the-mill 'good versus evil' storyline. The tactical gameplay elements are filled with exciting and engaging ideas alongside welcome quality-of-life improvements. If you're a die-hard Persona 5 fan who enjoys strategy games, you absolutely will get a kick out of Tactica. However, those looking for a serious challenge will likely find they breeze through the mostly undemanding combat.

Worth Playing - Chris "Atom" DeAngelus - 8 / 10

Persona 5 Tactica is a fun attempt to bring the ideas and concepts behind Persona 5 into the tactical setting, but at times it can feel more like a proof of concept. The core gameplay is a lot of fun, the story is enjoyable, and it's a good game for Persona 5 fans. It suffers from the cast being so overexposed that it's difficult to get super excited to see them again, and the actual persona element feels a tad lackluster.

Xbox Achievements - Dan Webb - 82%

Persona 5 Tactica is a wonderful take on isometric turn-based tactical games like XCOM, that is good enough to satiate Persona fans, and maybe even win over a few XCOM fans at the same time.


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I've been playing this, Tactica, for about 4 hours now.

It seems to be a bit of a slow starter. I've never actually played a Persona game so this game seems to get you up to speed with what it's all about fairly quickly.

The game isn't too challenging, or really too tactical so far but keeps throwing new things in the mix as far as I've gotten (like going up ladders wow! :o ) - The game actually wants you to beat battles quickly, like in 5 turns or less (what's the rush?) so the tactics amount to getting multiple turns in a turn to obliterate your enemy.


This was probably a lower budget game, most dialogue scenes are just the almost chibi character 2D artwork talking. It's got a nice crisp look to the in game graphics though, but you can't turn off chromatic aberration which sucks. @Greatoneshere will be happy to know I'm playing this in ENGLISH and it's not bad at all.

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I bounced off of Tactica pretty quickly. It’s just not what I’m looking for in an SRPG. Although, I rarely make it far into any SRPG, so maybe I should finally admit that the genre really isn’t for me. I’ll play a Fire Emblem game every few years and that’s all I need. 

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1 hour ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I've been playing this, Tactica, for about 4 hours now.

It seems to be a bit of a slow starter. I've never actually played a Persona game so this game seems to get you up to speed with what it's all about fairly quickly.

The game isn't too challenging, or really too tactical so far but keeps throwing new things in the mix as far as I've gotten (like going up ladders wow! :o ) - The game actually wants you to beat battles quickly, like in 5 turns or less (what's the rush?) so the tactics amount to getting multiple turns in a turn to obliterate your enemy.


This was probably a lower budget game, most dialogue scenes are just the almost chibi character 2D artwork talking. It's got a nice crisp look to the in game graphics though, but you can't turn off chromatic aberration which sucks. @Greatoneshere will be happy to know I'm playing this in ENGLISH and it's not bad at all.

I’ve had enough of Persona 5 characters and all the spin off games. Enough already. Give me something new. 

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2 hours ago, Biggie said:

I’ve had enough of Persona 5 characters and all the spin off games. Enough already. Give me something new. 

I agree, I really like Persona 5 Royal but I have no interest in the spinoff games. I’m hoping that Persona 6 isn’t too far off. Although I’m really looking forward to Persona 3 Reload, because P3 is my favorite game in the series.

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11 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Looking forward to it even though you won't be able to play as the female protag? :thinking:

I didn’t play as the female protagonist in the original Persona 3 either, because I played the PS2 version not the PSP version which added the female protagonist as an option. But I don’t really mind playing as a male protagonist in the Persona games or party based RPGs (especially turn-based ones) in general, because even though they might be considered the main character you’re still playing as multiple characters for the most part.

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Game Information

Game Title: Persona 3 Reload


  • Xbox Series X/S (Feb 2, 2024)
  • PlayStation 5 (Feb 2, 2024)
  • PC (Feb 2, 2024)
  • Xbox One (Feb 2, 2024)
  • PlayStation 4 (Feb 2, 2024)


Publisher: SEGA

    Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 90 average - 100% recommended

Critic Reviews



Atomix - Sebastian Quiroz - Spanish - 95 / 100

With a series of large and small improvements to its story, visuals and gameplay, Persona 3 Reload is the definitive version of the PlayStation 2 classic. This is one of the best remakes of the year.

Cerealkillerz - Nick Erlenhof - German - 8.7 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is such a splendidly reworked version that it can almost feel like a completely new Persona. Gorgeous visuals, a perfectly remixed soundtrack, an improved battle system and a finally updated, albeit still in parts boring, trip through Tartarus really leave little to be desired when embarking on a trip to the Gekkoukan school. It's just a shame that the female protagonist and the additional chapter "The Answer" are still missing.

Chicas Gamers - Raúl Pinto - Spanish - Unscored

Persona 3 Reload is a turn-based RPG, as well as a narrative adventure, that brings back the acclaimed ATLUS game in a magnificent remake full of content. We find a game that is based on Persona 5 in terms of gameplay and appearance, having incredible gameplay and graphic style, in addition to a very good job with the old soundtrack and the new pieces introduced. The only problem is being completely overwhelmed by the FES content, an aspect that should not happen in a remake.

ComingSoon.net - Tyler Treese - 9 / 10

Remaking a legendary title is often a recipe for failure, but Persona 3 Reload lives up to its legacy and wonderfully updates the 2006 gem.

Console Creatures - Matt Sowinski - Essential

Persona 3 Reload is a fantastic way to experience a classic. The graphical and gameplay enhancements are meaningful, while the base story still shines years later. While the missing features from FES and Portable are missed, this is the definitive way to experience Persona 3.

Digital Trends - George Yang - 4.5 / 5

Persona 3 Reload is a win-win of a remake for old and new Persona fans alike.

FandomWire - Osama Farooq - 8 / 10

Persona 3 Reload takes the concept of remaking a beloved title and goes all the way through with it, especially when it comes to the visual finesse and the excellent presentation. The social simulation, interactions, and activities are some of the best ever put into a video game, making it feel immersive from the very first day at Gekkoukan High School.

There is always something to do in this wonderful city, ranging from the grand reopening of an old bookstore at the mall to heading to numerous restaurants to spend time with friends.

While the social links stand out as the undisputed highlight in Persona 3 Reload, it is the monotonous Tartarus and generic enemy designs that ironically slow things down and make the combat feel a bit dull compared to the other aspects of the game. The storyline is gripping and intriguing at the beginning and stays that way later on too, but because of the more serious elements that are never fully realized, it starts to lose its hold as time goes on.

However, the stunning animation, fluid gameplay, wide palette of character types, great soundtrack, and bustling setting make Persona 3 Reload a highly enjoyable remake.

GAMES.CH - Sven Raabe - German - 90%

Quote not yet available

GGRecon - Ben Williams - 5 / 5

Persona 3 Reload is one of the best remakes I’ve ever seen - a faithful but stunning reimagining of a classic JRPG that will please Persona veterans and newcomers alike.

With the only small negatives coming from Atlus’ dedication to recapturing the experience of the original, fans will without a doubt debate this being the best in the series after being reminded why Persona 3 is so spectacular.

GameBlast - Farley Santos - Portuguese - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload stands out as an example of how to modernize a classic, remaining faithful to the original while introducing significant innovations, such as revamped visuals, additional events and new mechanics. However, some concepts remain in the past, such as repetitive dungeon exploration. With its strengths far outweighing its flaws, the game is a recommended experience for both longtime fans and newcomers to the Persona series.

Gameblog - French - [url="
        https://www.gameblog.fr/jeu-video/jeux/tests/test-persona-3-reload-remake-ps5-518156"]9 / 10[/url]

Persona 3 Reload is an excellent remake and truly modernize the game by harmonize it with Persona 5. A truly impressive graphical leap that which brings new perspectives and brings some new features. The Tartarus still feels outdated and could have benefited from some tweaks. But Persona 3 Reload is still a memorable game and one of the best of the beginning of the year.

Gamer Guides - Chris Moyse - 75 / 100

One of the most esteemed and cherished RPGs of all time returns, smoother and smarter than ever. Unfortunately, Persona 3 Reload deals an incomplete hand, with disappointing omissions, stunted evolution, and a contentious price tag. Nonetheless, its indelible cast retain their infectious social spirit, set to break your heart and burn your dread all over again.

GamingTrend - David Flynn - 95 / 100

Persona 3 Reload is the best Persona game to date. It reimagines a fan favorite to be the best it can be, even if it does stumble in some ways. There are a few Social Links that could have used overhauling, and the game is a bit too faithful to the original in these ways. However, the overall experience is transcendent and took me straight back to hanging out with my virtual friends in high school, getting to know them and slicing up Shadows. There really is nothing out there like Persona.

God is a Geek - Lyle Carr - 9.5 / 10

Persona 3 Reload improves the original version of the game in so many ways, and is absolutely essential for all RPG fans.

IGN Italy - Majkol Robuschi - Italian - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a pleasure to play. Throughout the adventure you switch between fighting and school activities with great fluidity, and it is safe to say that the 2000s JRPG that defined the entire genre is back in better shape than ever.

IGN Spain - Esteban Canle - Spanish - 8 / 10

Persona 3 needed a facelift, and Atlus has delivered. This adaptation respects the source material, and brings an iconic title that now has the opportunity to reach many more people into the modern age.

Noisy Pixel - Bailey Seemangal - 8.5 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a highly-anticipated remake that doesn't deliver on all fronts. Still, it tries to do so with plenty of meticulous care. The added character scenes and new activities make the experience even more compelling, while the modernized visuals and new English voice cast live up to this classic's legacy. However, some of the new gameplay features make the experience too easy and forgiving. Additionally, the exclusion of some elements, like The Answer from Persona 3 FES, makes this launch less definitive than it could have been.

One More Game - Vincent Ternida - Buy

Persona 3 Reload is a triumph, considering the degree of difficulty that Atlus was challenged with when they decided to remake such a classic. Through a combination of thoughtful upgrades and leaving behind dated mechanics, this title is ready to satisfy the evolving taste of franchise fans while catering to newcomers and introducing them to the world of Persona.

Persona 3 Reload proves that you can have both a challenging and accessible JRPG without losing Persona 3’s core identity, as it refines the dated designs and systems of the original by bringing it in line with Persona 5, offering a modern take that stands tall among its peers.

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 90 / 100

Quote not yet available

Press Start - Harry Kalogirou - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a confident remake of a truly seminal RPG that cements itself as the definitive way to play Persona 3. It's clear that careful thought and deliberation has gone into every aspect of Reload to respect the legacy of Persona 3 while preserving its timeless charm and atmosphere. An absolute must play for any fan of the franchise, and a great point to jump in for those looking to take the plunge into Persona.

Push Square - Robert Ramsey - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a brilliant remake. In terms of gameplay, it's easily the best incarnation of a classic RPG, boasting countless quality of life and mechanical adjustments that place it alongside the outstanding Persona 5 Royal. Storytelling enhancements make the plot even more impactful, and the remade visuals are a joy to behold. Reload is borderline essential if you're yet to experience Persona 3, while also providing a near perfect way for existing fans to relive a seminal release.

Rectify Gaming - 9 / 10

Despite being a remake, Persona 3 Reload is undoubtedly at the forefront of mainline Persona titles. Fans have been asking for a re-imagining of Persona 3 for the longest time and Atlus has finally answered their calls. The game appeals to both fans and newcomers of the series, as it offers a compelling story, memorable characters, and addictive gameplay, all through a modern lens.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Matt Cox - Unscored

A repetitive journey through a year of quirky yet cheesy high school relationships, interspersed with tedious turn-based combat.

Siliconera - Jenni Lada - 9 / 10

While I miss the female protagonist and the dungeon-crawling element may feel a bit dated, Persona 3 Reload is a joy to play and offers everything I could want from it.

Spaziogames - Gianluca Arena - Italian - 8.7 / 10

We disagree with the people at Atlus and their decision to leave Tartarus as it was, but nonetheless this is one of the best JRPGs of the modern era, and this remake makes it shine like it deserves. The one for this review was our fifth run in eighteen years and we still didn't feel any fatigue playing it. Let's just hope the devs will include Persona 3 FES and Portable content later down the road.

The Games Machine - Nicholas Mercurio - Italian - 9.5 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a sensational work that is not just satisfied with being a remake but is, consequently, something that reformulates the development of ATLUS video games for an even wider audience. Choosing one of the greatest and most powerful works of the JRPG genre, thus forging a title to improve and revisit a work of the genre, was by no means an easy and immediate task. Indeed, it was something extremely complex. An incredible great return that can be summed up in the term "Masterpiece".

The Nerd Stash - Nat Collazo - 8.5 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is perfect for new and veteran fans alike and is sure to get fans of turn-based JRPGs turned on to the rest of the Persona series.

The Outerhaven Productions - Todd Black - 4.5 / 5

Persona 3 Reload is everything that fans of the franchise wanted from a remake and more. It doesn't change the story but builds upon the various gameplay elements that have become staples in the games that came after. Plus, the story and characters are incredible, and you'll love getting to know them more.

TheSixthAxis - Nic Bunce - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a dream come true for Persona fans. With far more than just a visual uplift, this is very much the best possible edition of the game, even if it can't quite be called 'definitive'.

VideoGamer - Antony Terence - 9 / 10

P3R’s poignant tale of acceptance is bolstered by smart combat refinements, deeper friendships, and a soundtrack you already love.

WhatIfGaming - Ali Hashmi - 9 / 10

Persona 3 Reload is a fantastic remake that cleverly integrates mechanics from subsequent entries to provide an experience that's polished, expertly paced, and full of heart. Its fast-paced combat, quality-of-life additions, and host of activities always keep you engaged no matter where you are in the story. The darker tone lends to an overall narrative that feels more consequential, and Tatsumi Port Island is a joy to explore. It's an excellent place for newcomers to the series and a must-buy for RPG fans.

XboxEra - Genghis Husameddin - 9.5 / 10

"But what I think Persona 3 Reload does best is that it brings one of my favourite Persona games to a new audience and excels at it. The visuals are gorgeous, the pacing isn’t overtly stretched out, the combat is fun and fluid, and the story is still great. Anyone can get in on this game’s excellent blend of school life and role-playing genres and I can wholeheartedly recommend this game, not just because Persona 3 is a classic for me, but because Persona 3 Reload is genuinely fantastic."


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On 6/8/2023 at 8:30 PM, TheLeon said:

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get far in P3P when it hit Game Pass…


On 7/4/2023 at 11:46 AM, TheLeon said:

I take back what I said earlier. This looks good, but I also kinda like the stripped-down nature of P3P. I’ll just keep slowly chipping away at that one. 

And I changed my mind again: there’s no way I’m ever going to make it all the way through a Persona game again after P4G, so I’m not going to bother with either version.:doh:

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I played P3 not long enough ago for me to be ready to play it again. One day I'll get it for sure, but LOL 70 bucks. The only way I'll ever get it sooner is if I find out they changed the one thing I want changed. Maybe not changed but expanded upon. Also, while this is a remake, I am totally expecting a Persona 3 Reloaded AGAIN in like 2-3 years.

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