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  1. Rev

    Paging MinnesotaFatz.

    I expected a different kind of thread.
  2. Does anyone in this thread even like Jordan Peterson? I've been openly ridiculing his nonsense ever since I first heard about him. The guy is a transparent fraud.
  3. Given my history with him, I doubt it, especially after his weirdly point-missing attempt at refuting everyone right after that. One can hope, though.
  4. SFLU's arguments in this thread are literally dumber than Ohioguy's worst day ever. I'm not even exaggerating. And he's proud of it. It's very bizarre but I guess times change people.
  5. There isn't any point of arguing with people who reject logic and don't care if their positions are consistent. I've just been reading it in amazement.
  6. Well yeah, I can't refute an argument if I don't listen to all of it. That's not what's being advocated or what I'm arguing against here.
  7. I'll go ahead and treat them like adults and tell them when I think they're wrong. You can go ahead and patronize them though.
  8. Or how about you simply stop speaking for people in marginalized groups? Many want other people to tell them if they disagree with them, even if they're white. You know, because they aren't racist and they care about actually testing their beliefs and claims.
  9. Believe it or not, some people in marginalized groups are super offended by this idea that they should just be listened to. They want to be challenged when they're wrong. They don't want to just be listened to and agreed with. Shocking I know.
  10. It's a racist and sexist generalization against white males. But it's ok because they're white males. It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything; it's just not worth my time. There are plenty of non-white females and homosexuals who share my values for freedom of expression.
  11. Almost all arguments about freedom of expression quickly turn into people talking past each other while conflating the legal right or first amendment with the principal with the value which holds that expression and dissent are generally good even when offensive.
  12. Rev

    I’m one of the youngest people on d1p

    Or once your robots conquer the world, you could force your enemies to do it.
  13. Rev

    The Official D1P Wedding is here!

    Curb stomp a guest maybe?