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  1. Cool. I finally got a 4k tv and was thinking about upgrading to the Xbox One X for 4k support but it's a bit much. I got the PS4 pro instead since Gamestop gave me 200$ for my old one but if this was as good as the X, I'd prob spring for it at that price.
  2. Yeah, BW also recently dropped support for Andromeda and the way that unraveled was very similar to what we're seeing with Anthem now.
  3. It needs to be reworked from the ground up I think. Seems the code is so convoluted they can't even make small changes without breaking a bunch of other things. The damage scaling of weapons decorrelates weapon damage numbers from the actual life bars of enemies so the numbers (and inscriptions on items/weapons) are basically super convoluted lies. Gameplay is super fun but there is so much broken in the game, I don't know if there's enough incentive there to justify them fixing it (since they already have our money and can't get more of it). I strongly suspect they'll drop support for the game soon.
  4. They cancelled the live stream about a half hour before it was due to start claiming that their fiber was cut. It's postponed an entire week. Pretty sad what's happened to this once promising game.
  5. I confess to a tiny bit of nostalgic sadness at not being included in any of these lists.
  6. I think all I have now are Boyle and Bomb.
  7. I finished Ready Player One and loved it so much I was looking for books like it and I happened across this genre that seems tailor made for gamers. It's basically books about normal people living in RPG games. The one I'm reading now is like a 9 book long series and the first one is about a guy who plays an MMO everyday and one day gets teleported into a real-life version of it. Like he has a UI he can control with his mind and stats and all the clothing, equipment and food/drink has unique stats on it. The people he meets give him quests that are tracked in his UI. It's hard to describe exactly why but I'm having a total blast reading (or rather listening to the audiobook) it. The series I'm on is called Chaos Seeds btw.
  8. Do the double edge razors work really well? I've been using some like 4 blade razor and I'm pretty sick of the hair clogging the blades and not coming out. Thinking about switching to an actual razor blade razor.
  9. I expected a different kind of thread.
  10. Does anyone in this thread even like Jordan Peterson? I've been openly ridiculing his nonsense ever since I first heard about him. The guy is a transparent fraud.
  11. Given my history with him, I doubt it, especially after his weirdly point-missing attempt at refuting everyone right after that. One can hope, though.
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