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  1. I just got back into it and am loving it. This expansion has *a lot* of content. Only downside is they really made it a lot harder and more time consuming to get to max light this time. I mean that's in the plus category for me but most will find it daunting.
  2. Our couch has had it and a neighbor has a smaller, more decorative couch they're willing to give us for free because they're moving out of state. It's mostly the smaller part that matters to her because we live in a 400 sq ft studio.
  3. This looks like a dream to game in but I wonder if it'd decimate my back over time.
  4. How do you guys feel gaming chairs compare to playing on a reclining couch for like 8+ hours at a time? Also, have any of you found a good solution for mouse and keyboard without a desk?
  5. My wife wants to get rid of the reclining couch for a normal, smaller, more decorative one. A decision I've heartily declined for a few years now because I do all my gaming from our couch but she's recently employing the tactic of trying to get me to game from a gaming chair instead. How are they? Worth about 200+$? Are there diminishing returns on comfort above a certain price? I've seen some options for built in mouse and keyboard trays which would be cool for me because I game on my PC and consoles all through my TV.
  6. Has anyone here read The Witcher novels? Thinking about grabbing the audio books.
  7. Rev

    where the fuck is DGH

    Man, this board is so dead now.
  8. Is this a variation of Bless Online? Ah, I see. It's a separate game in the same universe. The Bless Online game is being absolutely inundated with criticism and bad reviews.
  9. Rev

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    Thanks for all the info. That's pretty helpful. I guess I'll start trying the fractals.
  10. Rev

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    I'm reading now but I figured I'd answer your question in the meantime. I went into it with an 80 elem and guardian but I bought HOT and I just now bought POF so I have 2 free level 80s I can make. I used one to make a Necro and I'm unsure what to make the last one.
  11. Rev

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    I got HOT and have been playing it a bit, and I really *want* to like it, but I don't really get a few things. What should my goals be? I already have orange gear so that's pretty much as high quality as my gear can get right? What am I working toward? Just masteries? How do I get into doing group content and which should I be doing? Fractals? Raids? Dungeons? If I start doing them, what's the process? I see the LFG tool but does that send me to the instances? I'm a little lost and don't want to just quest and that's it with no real goals. @HGLatinBoy
  12. Rev

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    My performance is bad everywhere.