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  1. I have shitty fashion sense but the tie thing kills me. Should be just past the belt.
  2. Oh, yeah, this specific problem can be overcome probably. I was trying to make a broader point about the ultimate nature of technology. At its core, its function is helping people get what they want easier, and if the people can get what they want locally, then it's much more difficult for the government and law enforcement to keep its hands in. A huge landmark would be the ability to generate energy without having to be connected to a power company for instance. And 3d printing will likely get worse. Once you can buy a 3d printer that manages multiple types of material including steel, you'll likely be able to create almost anything you want through your home for pennies. So I'm saying this is just the beginning. I think it might be a tractable problem, but our current government institutions would make a huge mess out of any attempts to regulate anything this unprecedented imo.
  3. I'm not sure I totally follow what you mean but I agree with the end. We don't have stable intelligent government institutions to figure this stuff out right now.
  4. As we get closer and closer to a technological age of abundance, people will have easier and easier access to what they want without government involvement across the board. This kind of thing will get much worse imo. Would be nice if we had stable, intelligent institutions that could find novel ways to adapt to it.
  5. Rev

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    I always want it just because for some reason whenever I'm craving pizza, that pepperoncini they put in the corner of the box always sounds fucking amazing.
  6. I absolutely loved it and my wife laughed so hard, I was almost worried about her.
  7. Nope and I'm also totally cool with trans actors playing cis roles if they have the talent for it. They're actors. It's their job to pretend to be people they're not.
  8. Yep, exactly the same experience for me. These are topics I've devoted a *ton* of time to thinking about and I was forced to answer badly. Not a deal-breaker, just annoying.
  9. I need to finish that game. The only part that annoyed me was the philosophy part. I'm not sure why I shelved it.
  10. This is exactly what they did in The Talos Principle https://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/09/25/the-talos-principle-on-ps4-designing-ai-to-test-a-game-about-ai/
  11. If I'm going by quality and feel of the device, I say the Vita (since I can't say Switch) but by game collection, it's the 3ds and it's not even close imo.
  12. I loved the game but I don't think I have anything insightful to say about it.
  13. I don't mind the daddy roleplay stuff and other taboos to a degree but when it's super specific like "pretend I'm actually your (often underage) daughter," I just get grossed out.