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  1. I will literally never forgive them for Anthem. I don't care if their next game single-handedly ends Covid and cures cancer.
  2. Hopefully someone added in something embarrassing.
  3. The more popular tactic is to get a bit drunk. Not only does it reduce the anxiety, but if you still have performance issues, you can blame the alcohol! But otherwise, you could just focus more on foreplay like Komusha said and tell her afterward that you were nervous because you like her a lot and got caught up in your head worrying about it.
  4. If you have performance issues, just be honest and tell her what you said here. I'm sure she'd be fine with it. It's kind of a compliment.
  5. I loved 1, liked 2, found 3 fun but too long and totally forgettable. I predict this one will be better than 2, so I'm on board day 1.
  6. Depends on if he wants to play basketball. Someone should send this post to all the thousands of people who are going to ask him why he didn't get into basketball for the rest of his life.
  7. I don't hate pineapple on pizza. I just feel like it becomes a categorically different food once you add it.
  8. I think I mostly stopped in like 2013.
  9. I wasn't on anyone's list.
  10. That sucks dude. Hopefully they have good wifi and you can bring all your gaming stuff.
  11. I didn't poop for about 4-5 days after each of my esophageal surgeries and the gas pain against the incisions on my stomach was incredible. Glad you got it out. Is everything ok aside from the hospital stuff? Able to pay the bills and everything? I assume you're missing work. Do you have short term disability to get you through until you can get a settlement?
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