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  1. You should call Best Buy and ask them if all the next shipment is going to preorders or if they’ll have some first-come-first-serve units. They usually do. Or they usually used to. You may just have to stand in line before they open.
  2. Wow, that's insane. I guess I got really lucky.
  3. I had a Commodore 64 as a kid but when I was about 13, my parents finally bought me my dream computer which was my pride and joy and sucked up like 90% of my waking hours for the next 4 years or so: a 486 25mhz with 4mb of ram and an 80 mb hdd (iirc).
  4. Thanks for this advice. I think I’m gonna do this. I just need to put together a desktop now which will be as good as I can get for about 2200 including the rtx 3xxx which is compatible with both my gtx 1080 and the future rtx3xxx
  5. Seems like most people on here have some pretty major emotional/psychological issues. It’s probably why this place has always been so toxic. I feel bad for anyone going through that, even biggie.
  6. Any estimates on how much the 3xxx card might cost when it releases?
  7. What's the best desktop I could put together for $2k?
  8. Yep, and another thing: while the performance on the stand-alone unit isn't the greatest, the resolution is rather high. So if you're just watching video on it, it looks *amazing*. It's my go-to device for watching movies/shows in bed now. It's like having a portable HD movie theater anywhere I want to put it.
  9. The best all-around value right now is definitely the Oculus Quest I think. It's fully portable and wireless when you want it to be and can also be plugged into a PC and play full VR games. Hell, it can even be tethered wirelessly using a third party add-on. Best part is it's only 400$. The downside is the quality is slightly worse than the best wired headsets, but the quality is still really good imo. I really think the Quest is a no-brainer device that everybody should buy given the ridiculous amount of value you get for the price.
  10. I looked into it a bunch more. Watched like 30 YouTube videos and read a bunch of comparative reviews and I think I've decided to go with a desktop instead. It seems like there's about a 10-25% difference in performance between a laptop and desktop with similar specs/price and that's just too big of a difference I think. Would've been nice to have a laptop I could dock into my TV and still take with me on trips or whatever, but I think I'd be sacrificing too much.
  11. They're worth it. I'm actually going through them a second time now (I was halfway through the third book on my second time through and took a break to switch to Feedback Loop) because he just released a 9th book which will be out on audio soon. The author is a dick (calls himself the father of litRPG when he isn't even close, etc.) The MC is also kind of a douche but I like it.
  12. I actually finished the first book today and will start the second tomorrow. Hays was pretty good. I normally like a more fantasy-based setting with RPG stats but I'm having fun with it. Sort of reminds me of The Gam3 in ways. If you try The Land (and I recommend it, despite that the author is a douche), definitely go with the audio books. Podehl is amazing and I tried to read one of the actual books and it was not nearly as good as with Podehl's voice acting and personality.
  13. Thanks. Looking at them now. They're shorter than I like but Audible has the first 3 Feedback Loop books in a set for one credit. So far in the litRPG genre, I've read (or listened to): The Land (books 1-8) The Gam3 (books 1-3) Arcane Ascension (books 1-3) Ascend Online (books 1-2) Survival Quest (books 1-3) All were pretty decent. I think The Land is really good but most people seem to hate it because the author is a douche. I think it's much better in audio book format. Nick Podehl really saves it imo.
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