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  1. If you find prepubescent people sexually attractive, you have a mental disorder (commonly called pedophilia but definitions are dictated by usage). If you're an adult and you find post-pubescent people sexually attractive, you're normal, even if they're under 18. If you're an adult and you have relations with post-pubescent people under 18, you're probably a fucked up, abusive person. If you're an adult and you spend too much time expressing your attraction to post-pubescent people under 18 or much younger than you, that's really creepy imo.
  2. Wait, didn't the guy who got the PS4 post on here all the time for years afterward? I thought he was still a regular.
  3. Oh, by the way, I have to order through Amazon. Using a gift card.
  4. Thanks for the responses.
  5. Lol it's everywhere on Amazon:
  6. Is "renewed" the same thing as refurbished?
  7. Do you get the same manufacturer's warranty with a refurbished item? Maybe I'll get a refurbished Spectre.
  8. I feel like I've heard nothing but stories from people who've had major issues with refurbished items. Are they actually dependable?
  9. This is actually the main one I was comparing with the one I linked. I looked at a few reviews that slightly favored the Spectre in terms of build design and quality. I like the fact that the power input is in the corner of the device too but the processor seems pretty weak on both along with the 8gb of ram. I wonder if I'll notice it a lot when I have multiple tabs open or whatever.
  10. The most gaming I plan to do on it will be mobile simulation with Bluestacks which won't benefit too much from a 3xxx. Mostly watching media, writing code, website design, social media, web surfing. The ultrabook I'm looking at now is: edit: Also, I think an nvidia card would push it way over my price range since the ones with dedicated cards now are all like 1800+.
  11. What do you guys think is the best for about $1200 max? I've looked around a bit and have mostly decided on the HP Spectre 13t 360, but it sacrifices a fair amount of performance at that price point so I'm not sure. What would you all recommend?
  12. Yeah, I think the 64gb is more than enough unless you want to store 3d movies on it or something.
  13. I don't know the specs on that but I think that as long as you have 5ghz you should be fine.
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