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  1. Rev

    Do you trust Boyle?

    I helped him with a physical labor project and he paid me timely and exactly what was promised.
  2. I started getting acid reflux (heartburn but more toward the throat area) in my mid-to-late teens. It got worse and worse until about 10 years ago I went in and had an endoscopy where they discovered I had a condition called sliding hiatal hernia. It's a hernia in/near the esophagus. I've had a surgery on it once already, but it relaxed too much over time and now I need to get it again. I'm currently doing the pre-surgery testing. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/hiatal-hernia#1
  3. Can't remember preop but post op was (iirc) 1 week liquid diet, minimum 2 months pureed diet. The surgery involves them tightening the esophageal muscle so you literally can't get anything down that isn't pureed.
  4. I had one but it was an esophageal hernia surgery so totally different.
  5. I dumped a lot of hours into it and am pretty disappointed with it. Endgame is really repetitive grinding in very few places for gear that's nearly impossible to get because of low legendary drop rates and too many layers of RNG (too many inscriptions, with too much variability). I can play for 8 hours straight and not see a single upgrade and I'm still far from having optimal gear on any of my javs.
  6. I'm normally not too into Asians for some reason. Pale redheads have always been my biggest weakness. Not sure why I fell so hard for my wife.
  7. Does cheating with someone count? Like having sex with someone who's cheating while you're single?
  8. Holy shit, how long have you had that? I've never seen weed degrade like that.
  9. Cool. I finally got a 4k tv and was thinking about upgrading to the Xbox One X for 4k support but it's a bit much. I got the PS4 pro instead since Gamestop gave me 200$ for my old one but if this was as good as the X, I'd prob spring for it at that price.
  10. Yeah, BW also recently dropped support for Andromeda and the way that unraveled was very similar to what we're seeing with Anthem now.
  11. It needs to be reworked from the ground up I think. Seems the code is so convoluted they can't even make small changes without breaking a bunch of other things. The damage scaling of weapons decorrelates weapon damage numbers from the actual life bars of enemies so the numbers (and inscriptions on items/weapons) are basically super convoluted lies. Gameplay is super fun but there is so much broken in the game, I don't know if there's enough incentive there to justify them fixing it (since they already have our money and can't get more of it). I strongly suspect they'll drop support for the game soon.
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