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Former Days Gone/PlayStation developers announce "Ashfall" - a "true Web3 (aka NFTs and blockchain), AAA, narrative-driven open-world title"

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Don't blame me - I didn't come up with that description!



PlayStation veteran Michael Mumbauer and Days Gone creative director John Garvin have teamed up to create a triple-A gaming studio called Lithos.




PlayStation veteran Michael Mumbauer and Days Gone creative director John Garvin have teamed up to create a triple-A gaming studio called Liithos. They are making Ashfall, a narrative-driven open-world title for the PC, consoles, and Web3.


The San Diego, California studio is making a “true Web3 triple-A title” that will debut on the PC, consoles, and Hedera network, which is a blockchain-like technology.



Description of the game:


Set in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of years in the future. Global warming has led to massive flooding and famine. The appearances of the Trace – pockets of dark energy – have created havoc, causing massive electrical storms and igniting volcanic activity worldwide. Civilization has collapsed into local Enclaves at war with each other over ideology and dwindling resources…


And if you needed any more buzzwords:


Ashfall will have players fighting to survive a world scarred by global warming, the ignited volcanic Ring-of-Fire, mysterious and disruptive energy fields, and warring enclaves, beginning as an connected single-player adventure. It will evolve into a multiplayer player-versus-player (PVP) and player-versus-environment (PVE) cinematic transmedia world.


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14 minutes ago, johnny said:

webfall3? i’m out 


12 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

He went from the masterpiece Daysfall Gonefall to this!!??!


8 minutes ago, crispy4000 said:

If they're out because this is what they were pushing to Sonyfall, good riddance.


3 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

Passfall! :sun:


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2 hours ago, crispy4000 said:

This isn’t from Garvin’s studio (Liithos).  It’s a Chinese project by “Legendary Star Studio” funded by Netease, that shares the same title.


Which also shouldn't be confused with Atlas Fallen which prominently features sand and dust which are very close to ash:



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