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PC Gamer wore the Razer Zephyr "RGB face mask for gamers" in public

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Razer has finally unleashed the $100 Zephyr face mask on the world, in all its chonky RGB glory.




I've had my face stuck in a Razer Zephyr facemask, ripping out Bane quotes to shop assistants and my son's nursery staff all week. And, honestly, I'm not convinced I can really pull it off, nor that the old world idyll of Bath, England is ready for it. 


With my hood up, to ward off the torrential rain, I'm sure people were crossing the road to get away from me. Even on a dry, bright day, on a trip to buy infant nappies for an imminent arrival, I got my fair share of doubletakes walking the aisles of the local supermarket.



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Bit of a necro bump, but this thing is back in the news:


“Deceptive advertising and misinformation posed a risk to public health."


"The proposed settlement against Razer includes a $100,000 civil penalty, plus $1,071,254.33, which the FTC said is equal to the amount of revenue Razer made from the Zephyr"


So they knew that it wasn't providing N95 grade protection, but continued to sell the thing. What a bunch of morons.


Also, how in the world did they sell 10,000 of these things?

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