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Oklahoma woman convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison for suffering a miscarriage at 17 weeks

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Meth was found in the fetus' blood, so they convicted her of murder. The testifying doctor even said he couldn't be sure it was the meth that killed the fetus, but...she's not white and "baby" died, so to prison she goes.


I wonder if they'd convict a white woman of the same thing if she went running daily and suffered a miscarriage.


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This reminds me of El Salvador:



Hundreds of Salvadoran women have been prosecuted for homicide for having abortions, miscarriages or stillbirths since 1997. Now an international court must decide: Is that legal?


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13 hours ago, Jason said:





I was an hour away at work when my wife unexpectedly went into labor a couple of weeks early with one of my kids. Nobody closer to her was picking up their phone. She wound up driving herself to the hospital for this very reason.

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