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Euro match between Denmark-Finland suspended after Danish player collapses on the pitch

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14 minutes ago, Chris- said:

As if anything better could be expected of them, the NYT posted a photo of him receiving CPR. :|


On June 1, a player in the Italian second league collapsed and died on field from a heart attack during a memorial match to honor his brother who died from a heart attack while riding his bicycle in 2018.


"Italian Footballer Dies Of Heart Attack During a Memorial Match For His Late Brother"


Giuseppe Perrino died after suffering a heart attack on the field while playing in a memorial match was being played in memorial of his late brother Rocco.


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Fuck it’s scary seeing that news, but glad to see him responding. Few years back we had the empire die before or at the beginning of the game in Toronto from Cardiac Arrest. I also remember I think a few years back another soccer player had a cardiac arrest and pretty much flopped dead on the field. Only to see him jolt to life as his pacemaker kicked in, and pretty much sitting up being told what happened. God bless you YouTube.



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I'm a wormy indoorsman that doesn't do too much cardio. So I would imagine literally running for 90+ minutes every few days is probably not the best thing for some people, especially when heart disease or heart issues are not only generally common, but also silent. 

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On 6/14/2021 at 10:57 AM, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

What’s with these soccer players going into cardiac arrest on the field? Are they taking something that’s putting that much strain on their heart that is not regulated by league officials? 


My total WAG? Undiagnosed covid. 

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This happened 2 years ago with my favorite team. Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench and they had to resuscitate him on the bench. He never played another game...


He was also one of those guys who was super into conditioning and fitness... enough so that he stood out as being that way amongst a bunch of professional athletes. You just never know. They say if he wasn't at a game and surrounded by emergency medical staff when it happened, he probably would be dead.

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