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Launch day in America: NASA and SpaceX will attempt the first operational manned rocket launch today - delivering 3 American and 1 Japanese astronaut to the ISS at 7:27 PM Eastern

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  • This will be the first operational mission for NASA/SpaceX.  The mission earlier this year was a test mission.
  • There will be four astronauts aboard the capsule.  This is not only the most number of people launched into space since the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2011, it is the most EVER for a capsule design.
  • The Japanese astronaut will have flown aboard 3 different rocket designs:  The space shuttle, Russia's Soyuz, and SpaceX's Falcon/Dragon.
  • This will mark the first time a black astronaut will live aboard the ISS.
  • NASA plans on reusing this capsule and the first stage of the rocket for a future manned mission
  • Musk isn't at the launch, because he's down with the sickness.
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31 minutes ago, Chris- said:

I’m not an anxious person by nature and yet it baffles me you people actually watch this stuff live. 


My thing is usually with seeing the first stage booster landing. That shit is awesome and I want to see it every time. 


But like, it IS inherently risky to crew and will never not be. I think once this gets routine (if it hasn't already) people will be shocked when an issue crops up that potentially kills. 

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