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  1. - please note there are prolly tons of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in this wall of text and I don't feel like fixing them - So, gog emailed me the other day saying I can get this game I had never heard of called Elex for 10 bucks. I saw it was an open world RPG and couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it. I looked up some videos, and saw the poor review score, but the videos I watched did interest me in this game I hadn't heard anything of. And you know, what, that 60/100 critic score really is pretty accurate and that is a damn shame. The best way I can describe this game is that someone tried to make a human, but only with meat and bones. Like, from the outside, this thing that was constructed looks exactly like a real life human being, but it is missing several organs and literally all of the connective tissue. No veins, no ligaments, no nothin. Everything feels so disconnected. It feels like the games just refuses to give you a reason to play it. Like, it constantly feels like I am sequence breaking the game. Like I am experience things before they should happen. Like, there is this guy name Falk who is a companion and I just picked him up. Like, there wasn't any real reason to this shit. They just put this guy there and now you're besties. Like, I feel like I missed all this exposition on who this guy is. Like I missed the quest that tells me who and why this guy is there. Then there is no reason to join any faction and the game doesn't really do any kind of job to lead you away from the very first faction you come across. It really feels like the main story is joining the "Berserkers" and doing their quests, instead of whatever the main story actually is. It feels like I am literally forcing my way into the other factions to to their quests as there is nothing that is leading me to them. Like, you just have to decide to join this faction over the others. In a way, it is kinda cool the game has no story reason to join a faction. But the issue is, it is not viable to not join a faction. The games makes being factionless feels so natural that I don't want to join any faction, but literally all of the powers are locked behind joining a faction. It would be like playing WoW with put any class. Being classes for as long as I have been feels like dogshit, but it also feels like dogshit to join a faction, especially when I don't like of them. All of their ideals are off putting. If the religion aspect was removed from the Science Clerics then I am pretty sure it would hands down be the most fitting faction for the MC. And wholly shit the MC is literally the worst MC of all time. Ugly and Bland as fuck. It feels like a character from the 90s. There is nothing to like about this character. It honestly would have been better if he was a silent and faceless protagonist. This game really needs character customization, but even then, all the characters have this god awful generic look. The game actually looks kinda good visually, but also has that asset flip generic look. Like, it reminds me of the many generic looking Battle Royal games. It looks realistic, but also generic and game lacks style. They also have this hold and cold emotion system. It is meant to make you character feel more human or more robotic/militarily, but it really feels like all the "human" or hot options are just being an asshole who gets mad all the time, and the cold options make you an asshole who doesn't care about anything and everything is just another mission. Your character is either Denis Leary or Generic Murder Bot. Those are your only options and I am not a fan. The combat is also just shit. This game has 3 factions and they feel like they are from 3 different games and they don't mesh with the world. There is your Skyrim faction which is the introduction faction, the mad max faction which I have yet to be introduced to, and the Religious Jedi Brotherhood of Steel Outcast faction. The MC was formally part of the Sith-Enclave-FF7 SOLDIER faction until he gets betrayed. Now, these factions could work well together I'm sure. They Fantasy and Science aspect work pretty decently, but they did not do a good job at blending the factions. The Factionless MC could have blended the factions together to make them work, but since you have to pick the unblendedness becomes ever worse. Despite the Religious aspect, I am going with the Clerics. The MC has done nothing to make him feel like he should join the mad maxers or the Godless Mage-Warrior-Vikings. Like, in the game there is no dialogue to support the MC suddenly want to join these factions that are complete opposite of his previous lifestyle. The MC is a character with his own opinions, but you play choice just seems to override that when it comes to the factions. The MC has yet to do anything to show that he is willing to adapt to the alternative life styles that the Berserkers or Outlaws(mad max) provide. It is all about what the player wants, and nothing about what the character wants. The Clerics are the non drugged up version of the Albs(Sith-Enclave-FF& SOLDIER), but instead of drugs they use religion. The MC doesn't come across as religious at all, but everything else about the Clerics fits perfectly. It really is some Sith vs Jedi shit with the Albs and the Clerics. The Albs and the Clerics use to the just the Clerics, but then some people turned to the dark side and thus the Albs came to be. I believe that if this game was made by any other dev it would have been an instant classic. Both ranged and melee options are viable(and shit but ranged less so), and it seems like you never really have to decide between being melee only or ranged only. The overall setting is good. It takes place it a world that is earth like but not earth so the game can get away with more shit if it wanted. That was always a positive about Gears of War too. That your class is faction based is pretty cool, I just feel that this game does a bad job at getting your class. Another dev could totally make it work, where you start off factionless and classless and then join a faction where you get your class. Another dev could make it so the factions actually feel like they are part the same world. You have a fucking jetpack at all times which is fucking awesome. The world is pretty neat as a whole and fun to explore. It really is a mix of Mad Max + Skyrim + Fallout + a little bit of starwars, but as I said, the devs, imo, failed at making the feel like they should all be in the same world, but I am sure it could be don't. Like, there is so much potential cool shit, but the devs just dropped the ball imo. The game also levels you up slowly which is cool because there is no scaling and the enemies can fuck you up. The issue that brings is the feeling of never getting your class. Like, god I hate how this game incentivizes you not exploring the other factions, and instead just makes you want to look up a guide and beeline it the faction with the class you want to play. Because of the slow leveling everything can kill you really fast, but you want to save your stat points and shit until you have your class. You also don't get your class until you do the majority of that factions side quests. So if you did want to do all the side quests for each faction and then decide you will be high leveled and factionless and the only missions you could do would be story quests as your class. Side quests are nearly all tied to factions. You don't have to be in a faction to do all of that factions quests, but it is fucking weird that by the time you finally join your faction all of that faction's quests are over, and now you do the other factions side quests as an agent for you faction instead of being a free agent which makes the most fucking sense. And there is just more shit I could bitch about, like the god awful ui and you literally can't remap the hotbar. You have to use the numbers and numbers only. You can't even select a secondary option. The controller UI is so much better than this giant fucking bar. Like, I am pretty sure this is a console game first because of how shit that hotbar is. You can't even hide it or show only in combat. You can only make the entire UI smaller, not just the stupid hotbar. Just man. Playing this game makes me wish this game was made by literally any other AAA dev. I could have been great.
  2. THQ Nordic is set to publish Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, with nicer graphics and refined gameplay. In case you are wondering, THQ Nordic bought the IP from the state of Rhode Island for $900,000.
  3. https://www.pcgamer.com/desperados-3-announced-developed-by-shadow-tactics-developer-mimimi/ Shadow Tactics to me was an incredible game and they are a perfect team to tackle this, very excited. Appears it's also coming to consoles.
  4. Just as a point of reference, there was a significant rush of people buying Metro Exodus on Steam as it was still briefly available there when the EGS timed exclusivity was announced and that was around the "beginning of the year".
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