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About Me

  1. MB is an ROG Maximux X hero NZXT 710 case Kraken x62 aio with push pull fans 750w psu I'm going to put my gtx 1080 and a new NVME drive if I buy it. My cousin was trying to sell me just the CPU MB and some cheap chinse ram for $250 as an upgrade for my PC but id rather just use my current PC as HTPC I don't plan on keeping the cheap chinese ram I'll later get 32 GB of some quality ram @Mr.Vic20 you're my only hope
  2. OK, so, with a few games, when I alt tab, the screen flicks to black for a second or two, or when I would use my media keys to turn down the screen flicks to black as well. Essentially, leaving the program in anyway or not having that program being "on top" will cause my screen to flick black for second. It almost feels like the the games are being treated like that are in "full screen" when they are in "borderless window". I have this issue with Monster Hunter World and Cyberpunk. Well, I didn't have this issue with MHW until today. I turned on DirectX 12 combability and su
  3. So my ex-wife hits me up asking about laptops. (The horror) I might ignore her but what kind of laptops would work for that? Do I find something with the best processor possible or something with a good processor and a good GPU?
  4. What's up all! I've been streaming pretty regularly for a few weeks now and its been fun, but I've been seeing the need to upgrade. My PC has a Ryzen 2600 16GB RAM and a RX580. Pretty modest and probably isnt the greatest streaming machine especially with VR, which is all I stream. Now here's the kicker, I stream these games to my headset via Virtual Desktop so it needs to encode that signal and the stream at the same time over the same network cable. While streaming I dont get many hiccups at all, besides some compression issues on my end and on the stream. Once this GPU pandemic ends I plan
  5. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not this was a good investment, especially considering the one game I play doesn't feed into it properly (more on that later). For a couple of games, this monitor is awesome. I never realized how much I would appreciate the total peripheral vision that comes with a monitor like this. Red Dead Redemption 2 just looks awesome, and sometimes I'm left wondering how I ever got along without such a large monitor. Pluses: It's huge. Handles most games pretty well. Negatives: Expensive. Cost me nearly $1000
  6. Recently, for reasons unknown, this screen has started showing up when I start my pc. Pressing F1 just brings me to the bios menu and F2 starts windows normally.
  7. My father is looking for a new laptop to do his taxes with touchscreen is a plus but not necessary. He wants something that will last awhile and I want something powerful enough to borrow while I'm stuck in bed What's good right now should I just look at cheap gaming laptops? Costco and Sam's Club memberships are available if they have the best deals.
  8. You only live once. I got a local seller giving it up for $850 flat, no shipping, no tax. Thats a damn good price. If not PLEASE find better or tell me why I shouldn't. upgrading a 1060
  9. I just set up a new system. Everything seems to be plugged in and working fine. All the lights are on, all the fans are whirring, the CPU fan moves, my monitor kicks on. But.... no BIOS. I think it has something to do with my drive setup, but I'm not sure what. This is the first time I'm using a PCIe SSD, so I wonder if that has something to do with it? I don't know why it would, though... does a PCIe SSD default to your C drive? Should I take it out and put it back in later after I've completed the setup?
  10. My nephew, crazy smart, is turning 11 next month and as best Uncle, it is time he built a PC. There is a catch though, I'm functionally a quadriplegic, so he's going to have to do all the labor. I thought it a cool post COVID project. My budget is ~$400, peripherals not needed. What's an easy to work with case and motherboard? I've been out of the PC hardware world for awhile and need some suggestions, he's a minecraft fortnite kid.
  11. Just saw today graphics cards are going bananas and even old cards are selling for crazy prices. Like why? Is this another crypto thing?
  12. So I’ve had my current keyboard for over a decade, but I wanna make the switch to mechanical. I’m pretty much in the dark about them. i don’t want to spend crazy, preferably under $100.
  13. I'm doing a full rebuild, and I wasn't going to buy a new case, but... shit, since we're here anyway, why not? I've been using a HTPC/ITX case for a few years now. I love it, it works great, it's small, etc. The only issue is that you basically have to take the whole fucking thing apart any time you want to do anything other than swap out the GPU. It's kind of a pain in the ass. Not to mention when a case gets small enough, cable management eventually goes out the window. I basically have to stuff all the extra cabling into what would be the disc drive bay.
  14. Just a friendly reminder, replace your thermal paste. It's been 10 months since I've replaced the thermal paste on my cpu and gpu, makes a big difference even after 10 months. I use kryonaut paste, didn't think that at 10 months there would be any difference. Well before I replaced the 10 month old paste my RX580 was hitting 26c idle and around 82c in the worst case. Now I'm down to 23c idle and 74c load, using arguably the best paste. CPUs are probably fine going two years, haven't really noticed a difference after 10 months but the point still stands. This is probably a big overlooked part o
  15. I know the second M.2 slot on my Asus Z-390A motherboard shares bandwidth with the data 2 port or something like that. There are 6 Sata ports and I have a 500gig Ssd plugged in the bottom middle row, pretty sure it's not the shared one. So in the bottom M.2 slot with the motherboard heatsinks houses a 500 gig 970evo. I've been watching the process come down quite a bit on M.2 so I'm eyeing a 1 or 2Tb m.2 drive just for gaming that's currently empty just above my 2080Ti and just below my cpu. Will a be waisting bandwidth or speeds if I put another m.2 driven there? I'm confused a bit b
  16. My first play anything CPU, had it overclocked to 1.4GHz with an AMD Radeon 7500 64MB DDR and 512MB DDR400, good times! Still has the original thermal pad residue stuck on it, afraid to scratch it up taking it off, more character this way lol.
  17. LIQIANG Computer Case, ATX Game Case, Tank Shape, Support E-ATX Motherboard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08K2NJ6C8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_PQw.Fb7B3C66X?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 What in the ever-loving F. @stepee, will this be your next case? @Mr.Vic20 ? @Zaku3? @cusideabelincoln?
  18. Currently running a 7700k at 4.8 and a 28080S , felling like my CPU is starting to hold me back. I am currently running 1440p at higher frame rate and would like to keep it that way. Maybe 5600x or 10600k would help any suggestions?
  19. My current rig has an i7 4790k with a 1060 6gb with 16gb ram. I'm gonna be refreshing this best buy page trying to get a gigabyte 3060ti oc. I'm wondering if the i7 4790k would hold things back enough to where the gpu upgrade wouldnt be worth it. If i can get atleast very high settings without my 4790k bringing my fps down below 60 at 1080p, im gonna buy this gpu if i can. I will upgrade the cpu, mobo, ram later on. Just thinking if my cpu is enough for very high settings staying above 60...
  20. I'm just buying one and plugging it into a Raspberry Pi to put it on my network--I just want a place to dump stuff that would be annoying but not an actual problem to lose if the drive shits the bed--but I know people buy these and harvest the drives as NAS drives. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-14tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/6425303.p?skuId=6425303
  21. I’ve got an Asus Maximus Hero VII she was expensive. $300. She’s still good, but it’s older and doesn’t accept anything but LGA1150 chips. I have an i5 4670k and it’s no point in spending $200 to get a 4770k or 4790k. May as well, get a new mobo. Any suggestions? Not trying to break the bank. But it’s getting time for a new mobo
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