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Anyone have a Raspberry Pi for emulation? I am thinking about getting one for SNES and media and want your opinions!


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As stated, I want to set up a Pi 3 B+ for some SNES gaming as well as general media streaming for my living room (in addition to my Roku). I am going to get an SNES controller USB 2-pack as well as a wireless keyboard/mouse. 


Does anyone have experience with one of these for emulation (or general use)? I'd be appreciative of any feedback you have, or recommendations!

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I probably have every generation of a Raspberry Pi except a Zero. The RetroPie tutorials are pretty simple to follow and you can usually get things up and running in less than an hour.


I've only really messed with SNES stuff as I have a Retrode than I can play physical carts.


I'd say the key thing is to make sure you have a good power supply. Don't just use any old phone charger. If you notice a little lightning bolt symbol in the top right corner of the screen then you power supply isn't good enough.

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SNES games work very well.  It's pretty straightforward to set up using whatever guide you want. 


My advice is to not go cheap on SNES controllers.  I bought a 2-pack of the cheapest ones I could find, and they are so flimsy.  The buttons aren't as responsive either, and if you're not careful the cord can be pulled out.

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21 hours ago, Duchess May said:

Well, I would say Linux/Terminal savvy, anyway.

This is probably worth emphasizing. I think that there are some images that you can get to make setup mostly painless and gui based, but with this stuff there is always a decent likelihood that something small goes wrong and it'll be much easier to fix if you're comfortable using a command line or with Linux in general. It's not a requirement, and probably isn't a bad introduction to such things if you're a total newbie, but it's worth mentioning.

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I set one up about a year ago.  Retro Pi works well.  It is easy - just follow the instructions.  You don't have to be particularly skilled with computers.  If you run into any problems google it or ask on here and I'm sure someone can help.


SNES games are dead easy.  Same with Genesis, NES and other systems of that era.  If you try to go into MAME arcade emulation you will start to run into some issues where you will need to get a little more technical.

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