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  1. There's a lot of moving pieces in this game for sure! From konsumables to gear pieces to augments to all the different currencies, it a bit. They are addressing the grind though so we'll see how that goes. As fun a game as this is, it shouldn't take a 1000 hours to unlock everything. I also started playing around with the AI characters. You can set their tendencies and then let them loose in AI battles or in the towers of time. They'll also do fatalities and brutalities 9 times out of 10 so you get to see some stuff that you haven't unlocked yet. You also get trophies for some of that as well.
  2. As others have said, they're both very good, but I would go with Odyssey as it is an evolution of what they started in Origins and I enjoyed the setting more. This is weird to me as I love ancient Egypt. I think I just got tired of looking at all the fucking sand. lol. Odyssey is a better game, IMO, but personal taste could sway you in the Origins direction pretty easily.
  3. There's probably more recent comparisons, but this reminded me hard of Loaded back on the PS2. This looks cool and apparently it's out now.
  4. The comic was excellent. Looking forward to this!
  5. How does half of a fucking thousand people indicate half the player base? While I would say that a good chunk of the player base has probably put it on pause until things improve, that article is literally saying nothing. For me, they got my money and I don't regret it one bit. I'll be with them to the end, but I can easily play something else until they sort things out. As for saying the game is too broken to fix? What the fuck is that? Do we have some super secret knowledge of how this game was developed to say such a thing? Somehow I think not. The Division is the poster child for why you shouldn't give up or drop support for something like this. The parallels to what Massive went through on D1 are almost identical. Fantastic and detail world? Check. Fun gameplay? Check. Incredibly complex systems that are a real challenge to have working properly and not have something broken? Check. Lacking content and meaningful things to do? Check. Fucked up loot situation at launch? Check. If given the chance, they'll fix it and it will end up in a really good place. I don't know how you can just say fuck it to 6 years of development cost and abandon it.
  6. Lol. Did the same thing. I'm only on WT3 right now, but it's very easy to miss.
  7. Mmmmmmm. Bugged signature skill ammo? I'm still getting it fairly frequently, but I did notice it drops only one instead of two.
  8. How does he know they didn't read it? Did Bioware's response come out before the article did? Also, who the fuck is being defensive here? Schreier basically cries poor me like they're slinging personal attacks and then calls them cowards. Super professional. I'm on break from Anthem right now for obvious reasons. A big part of that is the Division 2 which is excellent. I will echo above that the world and gameplay in Anthem are fantastic. They need to sort out their loot situation and quick and they need to work overtime making more loot as well as more content/activities to do. If they stick with this, which I see no reason why you wouldn't, this will be an excellent game at some point.
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