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  1. You have 3 different types of attributes, talents, perks or whatnot on your gear. Offensive, defensive and electronics. Red is your offensive, Blue is your defensive and yellow is your electronics. Later on you'll see purple gear or high end gear that might have extra perks that will have requirements like having 4 electronics perks equipped. That extra perk would then be equipment focused for example. It's just the number of each that are equipped. I don't know if SHD is used for everything, but in the main perk list at the quartermaster, you can use it to unlock different magazines, scopes, etc.. I don't know if the attachments suck, but they did standardize them. All the perks have a positive / negative combination. I think the weapons and gear at higher levels will be where you see the best perks or attributes, not to mention that you can also mod your deployables.
  2. Jesus guys. Did you watch the end game video? Replaying invaded missions is a fraction of the detailed planned progression that Massive and the other studios have plotted through 5 world tiers. There is going to be a shit tonne to do after max level and the best part is it will be in the open world, which is one of the game's best features. Unlike the first game with their incursions. Might not be everyone's cup of tea for sure, but from what I've seen, it's about 5 times the game that the first one was.
  3. The latest state of the game was awesome! They went over everything happening after level 30 and it's a lot! I twice as excited to be honest. Can't wait for Tuesday! PS: Ignore the ponytail.
  4. I don't know how widespread, but it's happening. It's happened to me twice when I've tried to shut down the game. I'm tempted to give it a rest and see if a fix is announced if it's actually bricked a couple consoles. The other crashes in the game have been just with the game. I expect everything to improve over time with this game, but they need to get the fuck on this right away and get this game more stable.
  5. If you didn't play and enjoy the first division, I don't know that this changes your mind. There are quite a few changes, but at first glance or play, it's going to feel like the Division. No doubt about it.
  6. I'm not saying it's worth it or not, but did you watch the year 1 road map? It details what the year 1 pass gives you. It's not just early access. Quite frankly, when I pre-ordered it, I forgot the DLC was free and just ordered it with the pass out of habit.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty jacked for this one. Played the pre-order demo and liked what I saw quite a bit. Watched the year 1 road map and liked what I saw even more. I've got around 650 to 700 hours in on D1, so a nice alternation between this and Anthem should hit all the spots.
  8. Played a lot this past weekend. Outside of a couple of crashes, It was a pretty good, bug free experience. I'm level 18 and haven't quite finished the story yet. I'll say right now that I've enjoyed the story. Not so much the main arc as the Monitor isn't exactly setting himself up yet as villain of the year, but it's all the different characters that you meet. A lot of them have their own little multi part arcs and they all have their own little quirks. The voice performances are quite good and quite frankly, most of them are pretty likable. I feel that anyone calling the story garbage is clashing with the expectation of a typical Bioware RPG story in a game that isn't an RPG. Too many people go into games like these with all sorts of expectations. It really is a stupid thing to do and will only set yourself up for disappointment. I had no expectations other that hoping they nailed the moment to moment gameplay and that it was fun. They did, end of story. Also, the world is insanely detailed. Don't forget to dive into the water and explore that shit. I dropped into some and it looked like maybe 5 metres deep. I saw a resource and plucked it, turned around and swam towards what look like an edge. I looked down and holy fuck, it must have gone down another 50 metres or more with structures and everything. I can see where the six years went to when you really pay attention to what they've built. Remember that Bioware doesn't have 1000 people to throw at this, only a few hundred. I also think that the freeplay is way more engaging than Destiny or the Division ever were. it looks like from their road map that they'll be building on that quite a bit.
  9. I thought I heard something about paying respects somewhere? Haven't gotten there so don't know for sure.
  10. Yeah. If you get a weapon that you like, there are challenges to unlock blueprints at different levels for that gun. Uncommon, Rare, Epic. The blue prints scale to you, so you can craft that gun later if you have the resources. I think that's how it works.
  11. It's been mentioned that you get quite a bit of loot thrown at you, so it's always best to go with the highest level stuff and salvage the old items. No use for them once you've gone up a couple of levels.
  12. Started the game last night without a hitch. Excited to really dig into this tonight. Went with the storm as my first javelin.
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