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  1. The second DLC really was amazing and offered a really decent amount of content compared to DLC for other games. I also agree, the game isn't perfection or anything, but damn do I like it. Outside of playing AC II for the first time and seeing those improvements or Black Flag, this one was my most played. I really had a great time with it.
  2. Bottom line. It looks great and it's fun to play. It fell apart in the loot and the long game of a service type game model. Going through the story and exploring the world a bit will net you a couple dozen hours or so which would easily be worth what it's priced now. They absolutely nailed the flying suit mechanic and the world looks great.
  3. If you like the NFS style, then Heat is a pretty decent option. I haven't played it in quite a while, but enjoyed the time I had with it. It has a lot of boxes checked off. Customization, cops, street racing at night, official racing during the day, looks good. If you're a racing fan and it's cheap, I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  4. Exactly right. I did a full play through of over a 100 hours and enjoyed my time with it. It's a shame that they spent such a large amount of their 5 year development cycle going down paths and ideas that didn't work out. It's also amazing that they put together the bulk of that game in around 18 months. Also very unfortunate, as that was where the face problem came from with not having the time to bump the quality up after their automatic tools synchronized the animations to the voices. This was still a MASSIVELY overstated issued, but still an issue nonetheless. But yes, I wouldn't call it a great game as I've really struggled to get a second play through in to completion. Very out of the norm for me for a Mass Effect game.
  5. This looks pretty good. It's been quite a while since I've played something like this. If this has a good story and RPG stuff, all the better.
  6. I'm about as big a ME nut as you can get. I've played each one multiple dozens of times over the years, including on backwards compatibility on X-box One where the load times are awesome. This trilogy was not developed in a straight line as it were. They swung too much in each direction with each release in response to feedback. From too much RPG and useless junk in ME1 to a VERY streamlined but more character focused ME2 to a really nice balance in ME3. Each game is very different from each other that it ends up shaking out as a positive for me. I play ME1 and it brings me back but by the time I'm near the end I'm starving to play ME2 as it's quite different. The same thing happens from ME2 to ME3. By the time I'm finished with ME3, I almost want to start ME1 over again. At this point, these feeling have diminished quite a bit as I've played these too many times for any human being. That being said, it's been quite a while so if they came out with this, I'd be a sucker an get it day 1. :P
  7. This. I liked the fact that the procedural quests were in there, but I dropped those fairly quickly. If you did the main quests only, you might have run into a wall. IMO, most of the side quests (gold outline) or the tales of Greece had enough story meat on them to make them entertaining enough to do. You do those and the main quests, it's pretty natural. I also agree that microtransactions were done very well in Odyssey.
  8. I think this is a pretty spot on list. It feels weird to put Origins that far down, but that might be where it shakes out. Maybe I'd switch Origins with Syndicate. I wouldn't put Unity last though. it gets a lot of shit, but all patched up, it's actually very good. It had a horrendous technical launch though.
  9. I haven't noticed too much with the matchmaking. Not too many blowouts, but a few. Also, tried hardcore last night with some pretty good success. The tension was higher and I was definitely on my toes more. The normal mode is nowhere near hardcore and hardcore feels like hardcore. The best thing they did for this mode was get rid of those ridiculous cycle respawns. It would be a 15 second timer and when you died, you might respawn in 4 seconds or 14. Hated that shit. Now it's just the same as the normal mode with instant respawns.
  10. I don't know if I'd agree with that. I've played a whole lot of hardcore over the years and this COD's regular mode is not that. Quite honestly, I haven't noticed anything that was glaringly different from past COD's with regards to TTK. I get that some adjustments can certainly be made and they need to work on the spawns because sometimes, holy fuck. Then again, I'm not a person that's rocking some 3.0 KD like it's no big thing and I don't know if some people's expectations are up that high or not. I've always wanted to be over 1 and I'd be happy and feel like I was having fun. I'm a little below that right now after a pretty solid weekend of playing. The TTK, which I'm sure they could tweak, isn't grossly out of line from past games as far as I can tell. I've had numerous times where I've hit guys 2 or 3 times and haven't killed them. That's happened to me in regular mode of COD for years.
  11. I'd like to pull the trigger on this game. My most pressing question would be the progression and leveling in the game. Everyone lost their shit with the amount of microtransactions in this title. This is a non issue if they haven't fucked with the progression Battlefront style. So, everything good in this regard?
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