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  1. It looks like a lot of great changes are coming to this. Especially with the re calibration station. I'm still in the Destiny 2 grind, but I'll be checking this out.
  2. You're confusing really enjoying the movie to equating it to being cinematic perfection. If that's all you have that's going to ruin a Star Wars movie for you then maybe you shouldn't watch them. I love the fuck out of Star Wars, but let's be honest, there hasn't been a single one of these movies that's reached any kind of high level cinematic status. But Star Wars is fucking cool as shit and there are great parts to every single movie that they've ever released. Fact.
  3. Playing on PS4 peasant and loving it. If you didn't like Borderlands before now, this isn't going to change your mind. Lots of little quality of life changes though.
  4. lol. That's just what I was thinking. Starting an argument, especially in the US, is probably not a good idea.
  5. Odyssey is no joke. I ended my play through at around 215 hours. That's pretty much everything outside of maybe a few tales of Greece side quests and includes all the DLC. The second DLC was absolutely fantastic. I'm pretty much opposite with Origins though. I thought I would be over the moon as I love ancient Egypt, but visually, I enjoyed the color pallet of Greece more. I think all the sand just got to me. Got about 60 hours into Origins. I actually started a new game to redo it with a fresh set of eyes after going through Odyssey.
  6. Very similar to you, @SoberChef! I started a new game plus after around 215 hours. There's only so much I can play though, so I've taken a break. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this game and how much more I played of this than Origins (only around 60 hrs for that). One of my favorite AC titles for sure.
  7. Just finished chapter two for the Atlantis DLC. While the first DLC story was ok, aside from the forced decisions, this one was a huge step up. Really enjoyed it. Totally new areas to explore, good story, great call backs. If you enjoyed Odyssey, I'd really recommend you check this one out. Oh, and new enhancements to abilities that are pretty cool as well.
  8. As soon as a judge makes such a stupid fucking assertion, they should be sacked. They don't deserve the job.
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