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Largest Mayan structure found in Mexico

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The Mayan civilization is truly a fascinating subject.


Their cities put anything that existed in Europe at the time to shame.  The Mayans built literal metropolises with actual urban planning, complex architecture, and a working sanitation system (something that hadn't been present in Europe since the fall of Rome).

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3 hours ago, Emperor Diocletian II said:

The Aztec civilization was also similar to the Mayans in its complexity (if not moreso!)


Another area where the Mesoamericans put the Europeans to shame was their attitude towards personal hygiene and overall cleanliness.


Arab Spain sparkled with water, whether in fountains, pools or hundreds of bath-houses. Christians in the north of Spain, not under Arab rule, continued to revel in their squalor, washing ‘neither their bodies nor their clothes which they only remove when they fall into pieces,’ according to a contemporary observer. The more their Arab conquerors washed, the more suspicious, decadent and un-Christian the practice seemed to the Spaniards, and their dislike endured long after the Arabs had left.

I could easily see some conservative Christians doing this same thing, but to own the libs or fight Sharia law

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