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I am already tired of the usage of "simp"


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Everywhere I go this word just fucking appears now. Basically the new cuck, but even more people say simp. I hope it doesn't stick around. The boomer shit was bad enough. I loved the 30 year old boomer shit, but then that got popular and people started started using it differently. I'm just glad it is dying down. It is so lame. 

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12 minutes ago, BasemntDweller2 said:

It's a word incels came up with to further the notion that women are bad and if you like or treat a woman well youre an idiot. Incels are such sad people.

hmm I don't see it as an incel word 



I see is a lot used towards people donating to woman streamers in hope that the streamers notices them, white knight twitch chatters. As in these people are the simp types:


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On 2/22/2020 at 1:37 PM, Keyser_Soze said:

Stop going to reddit. Problem solved!

It's all over Youtube now, too. There are some seriously relationship-challenged people out there that justify their frustrations by just being angry at whatever they will never have.

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I see it used a lot, but that's mainly because I follow a lot of Youtube sites that are generally political in nature, which automatically starts pushing out right-leaning types of content. Therefore, this stuff starts to bunch up really fast, even if you aren't really looking for it.


I also follow a bunch of content on Twitch, and whenever the gamers there start to get all hot and bothered about the girls getting more attention than the guys, they start going down the "those guys are simps" route and then start pointing out virtue signalling and all sorts of other claimed behavior. It does start to get really annoying to read, especially when it comes out of nowhere.


It's like the other meme that has gotten out of hand now that the media has found it and has started to run it, and we are all familiar with it: Calling women "Karen". Basically "simps" and "Karen" are lazy approaches to making arguments about things that aren't really being defended in the first place. I got called a simp the other day because someone attacked a friend of mine online  for something completely uncalled for. But because my friend was a woman, this immediately became this person's argument, mainly because he had no actual defense against someone who knows how to actually argue in real time and is willing to do it.

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17 minutes ago, Joe said:

lol y did she say that

She was trying to tease him like she often does whenever he says or does something vaguely romantic to her mom. So when he said something like "I love you so much sweetie" and my niece says "You're such a simp, Dad." We all kinda froze, and we asked her what she meant. To her, it just meant that he "simps" for his wife, like he worships her. 

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