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Anyone ever been to one of those Rocky Horror Shadowcast events?


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Went to one last Saturday and I was really not prepared for how much fun I would have. I mean, I did dress up a little but I still wasn't prepared. Not really.  I had gone to one at an Alamo last year but it wasn't the same at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself offended a couple times, even.


The thing that gets me is how these freaks come out and do this every damn week even if there's only a few people in the audience. The dedication, the props, the costumes, the audience participation, and the outright friendliness of everyone was just intoxicating. Kind of like a cult, but that's okay.


We went on Saturday night since we figured that the actual Halloween night would be too tough for us to make and the whole theater was jam fucking packed. I've never seen anything like it and we're seriously considering finding time to go back Thursday (or maybe Friday or Saturday). (Cult)


If you're in the Northern Virginia area and had no clue I can tell you where to go find it. It's the real deal Holyfield and tickets are only five bucks. (CULT)


But yeah, am I the only one? Anyone else ever go?

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I’ve seen it twice in college, each at a different theater with a different shaddowcast. It’s a lot of fun and something that movie fans should experience at least once in their life. The first time I went I was called up to the front because I was a virgin (first time at a shaddowcast), and had to participate in a lap dance contest.


It was interesting seeing the differences between the two productions. There were some similarities, but most of the jokes they yelled at the screen were completely different. Each one was its own community. I wish I had gone up to the one in DC while I was still living there. I know they actually run around the theater building in their underwear at the end of the movie, and that sounds pretty fun to participate in.


Unfortunately I’m just too old for midnight movies. I can stay up that late but by that point I’m too tired to even enjoy the movie. I’d totally go to another showing if it was at 9 or 10, but I know that the late showtime is part of the appeal.

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I went quite a few years ago and it was a lot of fun, and there was a decent amount of people there too. Even got brought up on stage since it was my first time. Definitely a relatively cheap way to have some fun, and I never really even gave a shit about the movie. So you can still have fun if you're not some super fan of the movie because everyone gets really into it. One of those cool social experiences. 

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