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Deaths Stranding PS4 Pro Limited Edition


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Deaths Stranding Limited Edition Ps4 Pro


I lost the Destiny 2 Limited Edition  in the Camp Fire, I really liked the all white Consoles, along with an All White Xbox One X both gone. I really want both consoles again once more in white but having already rebought a pro and X and coming off just building my dream gaming PC, I'm just gonna wait till next gen or if one of my consoles die. So thought I would Share the console that caught my eye, wish I had the doe . . 

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The controller is not bad. However I'm not the one that collects controllers. I just end up with a bunch for multi-player games. I don't think I will ever have 7 PS3 controllers. I need Saturn Multi-taps I can always use another DS4 but I don't want to pay $60. I think I'm going to bite on Black Friday for a controller. I do like the gun metal grey DS4. That I might pay full price.

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