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Hurricane Lorenzo is a record breaker

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While its ultimately going to be harmless as it shifts north into the northern atlantic, its size and power is unheard of for the eastern atlantic region.




Now packing 140 mph winds, Lorenzo became a Category 4 storm Thursday farther east than any other previous storm on record, save for Julia in 2010. While far from any populous land masses at the moment, Lorenzo could be having an impact on the Azores in just under a week’s time — all the while marking a potentially ominous climate signal.

The Category 4’s sprawling cloud shield spans more than 1,000 miles — roughly the distance from Washington D.C. to Miami; including its outflow, it would be large enough to cover the entire East Coast beneath overcast.


For the time being, Lorenzo’s dance is just a show for meteorologists. But beneath the surface, it is just the latest overachieving storm to fit into a pattern ripe with overachieving storms.

Lorenzo’s central air pressure was lower than that of any other hurricane on record this far east. It also became the strongest hurricane east of 45 degrees west longitude on record. Lorenzo is very much out of bounds.


Emerging research also suggests that the latitude at which storms reach their maximum strength may be slowly shifting north, elevating risk for some of the more populous land masses along the northern periphery of traditional Hurricane Alley.



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