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NFL Offseason Thread


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CLEVELAND—Saying they were considering trading up on draft day in order to select the Georgia Bulldogs defensive tackle, Cleveland Browns officials told reporters Tuesday they were impressed with Jalen Carter’s reckless disregard for life. “Jalen has shown that even at a young age, he doesn’t have respect for the…


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On 3/13/2023 at 12:02 PM, Biggie said:

Final piece of the puzzle! 




This is a much better signing


The Falcons have agreed to a five-year, $105 million contract with guard Chris Lindstrom.



21 mill/year for a guard!?


I understand spending that on a tackle but that's such an insane amount for somebody who plays inside even if he is top 3 at that position 

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2 hours ago, Brian said:

Lololol McDaniels can’t help himself 


Giants turned Toney into Waller. Doesn’t salvage the wasted 1st round pick on Toney, but if Waller can stay healthy, a good pickup. 

If he plays like he did in 2020, it's a good pickup. The problem is, even when he played in '21/'22, he's had 2-3 games worth talking about (when healthy). And, he is a liabillity in the run game. IMHO, I wish the Raiders had traded him last year (when he had more value), rather than waiting until this year.

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6 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:



So Commanders have no QB



The Falcons plan to sign quarterback Taylor Heinicke, sources confirmed to ESPN, adding the former Commanders fan favorite to a QB room that once again will be in transition in 2023.


We have Howell. Undefeated.

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1 minute ago, Brian said:

The Patriots are expected to sign wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster to a three-year, $33 million deal, sources have confirmed to ESPN.

JuJu didn’t look great this year. Surprised by the contract size but unsure how much is guaranteed 

That’s about $30 million to much

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4 hours ago, AbsolutSurgen said:







All of the Raiders beat writers have been sitting in front of a podium waiting for Jimmy G for 2 hours....  Something going on.

Update:  Something definitely going on. Failed physical?


Carlos Correa flashbacks 

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