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NFL Week 14 - Most Valuable Backup?


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Thursday, December 7
Matchup   Time (PT) TV
spacer.png New England at spacer.png Pittsburgh 5:15 PM Prime Video
Sunday, December 10
Matchup   Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Tampa Bay at spacer.png Atlanta 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Detroit at spacer.png Chicago 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Indianapolis at spacer.png Cincinnati 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Jacksonville at spacer.png Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Carolina at spacer.png New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Houston at spacer.png NY Jets 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png LA Rams at spacer.png Baltimore 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Minnesota at spacer.png Las Vegas 1:05 PM FOX
spacer.png Seattle at spacer.png San Francisco 1:05 PM FOX
spacer.png Buffalo at spacer.png Kansas City 1:25 PM CBS
spacer.png Denver at spacer.png LA Chargers 1:25 PM CBS
spacer.png Philadelphia atspacer.png Dallas 5:20 PM NBC
Monday, December 11
Matchup      Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Tennessee at spacer.png Miami 5:15 PM ESPN
spacer.png Green Bay at spacer.png NY Giants 5:15 PM ABC



With Trevor Lawrence going down last week and Kenny Pickett the week before the list of backup QBs starting in the NFL continues to grow. We are looking at 10 possibly 11 or 12 teams that are starting a backup. Then look at the 6 or 8 teams that have a starter that don't inspire much confidence and you can see why most of the games are crappy each week. That's over half of the NFL teams. So cherish those games on the schedule that look good because the TNF and MNF games look like ones to miss.

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1 minute ago, elbobo said:

Chefs and their fans complaining about the refs is hilarious after the last 5 years of all the calls they have gotten their way


3 regular season wins by the Bills in 3 years at Arrowhead, elbobo, and I am so glad that is over.


It would be remarkable if the league finds some way for it to be four straight years and I wouldn’t put it past them. 

btw, @Commissar SFLUFAN, just to keep you up to date, today’s post game speech was on the precision of the Khmer Rouge.


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