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NFL Week 10 - Bad Primetime Games For All!


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Thursday, November 9
Matchup                    Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Carolina at spacer.png Chicago               5:15 PM Prime Video
Sunday, November 12
Matchup Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Indianapolis at spacer.png New England 06:30 AM  NFL NET
spacer.png Houston at spacer.png Cincinnati 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png New Orleans at spacer.png Minnesota 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Green Bay at spacer.png Pittsburgh 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Tennessee at spacer.png Tampa Bay 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png San Francisco at spacer.png Jacksonville 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Cleveland at spacer.png Baltimore 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Atlanta at spacer.png Arizona 1:05 PM CBS
spacer.png Detroit at spacer.png LA Chargers 1:05 PM CBS
spacer.png NY Giants at spacer.png Dallas 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Washington at spacer.png Seattle 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png NY Jets atspacer.png Las Vegas 5:20 PM NBC
Monday, November 13
Matchup                          Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Denver at spacer.png Buffalo               5:15 PM   ESPN



This week we get another game in Germany, this time around not as an exciting matchup. Jets get another prime time game maybe they will do better against the Raiders. Somewhere out there sblfilms is very happy about having CJ Stroud on his team.

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There is a group of Raiders media/influencers that keep trying to push the narrative that Aidan O'Connell is the Raiders franchise QB of the future.


I get the underdog narrative.  He has drastically outperformed his draft status.  He seems to be a very competent backup, or potentially a borderline starter.  However, I haven't yet seen anything that would make me believe he's going to develop into a playoff-caliber QB.

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10 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Well, if the Raiders win out with what's left on their schedule that will be proof enough he's a playoff-caliber QB.

So far this season, the Raiders have had the 3rd easiest SOS, for the remainder of the season they have the 3rd hardest.

I'm think 2 more wins this season would be an accomplishment.

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