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Final Fantasy 1-6 (Pixel Remaster) rated by ESRB for PS4 and Nintendo Switch


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48 minutes ago, gamer.tv said:

I mean, yeah…but there’s the draw of something that’s been improved (and is on my Switch) which is a draw.


Improved is an interesting choice of words. These games are a direct answer to the previous versions they released where they screwed up the graphics to some smeary mobile version or even the 3D versions they have. Yet they still screwed up these versions in regards to the fonts (which they improved on the console versions but not PC version?) - Yeah fast forwarding is technically a "QoL feature" but all these amount to are an easy way to buy these games again, which for some are the best improvement you could make..

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There's also the fact that the pixel remasters lowered the quality of some of the SNES graphics in an effort to make all the games look the same. In FF6, the detail of the character sprites has been downgraded if you ask me.



The top is the SNES version which has a kind of grittiness that looks better while the bottom has a bit of a generic made in MS paint look. Hell, it might actually be wrong of me to say that the detail looks downgraded, but rather, that they tried shoving too much detail into such small sprites. Each individual pixel stands out much more due to them being all the different shades of the same color. Terra has gone from having only two shades of green to, I'd say 5-10ish and it looks very pixelatThe sameSame goes for Locke. Honestly, not bad looking, but I can't say I prefer it. Luckily, if you are on PC, you can make it look like the SNES version or super darn close to it.


I can see how people would prefer the new spites too. They feel taller, their silhouettes feel more unique, and less squat and square. Overall, they just stand out more. Even if it is wrong of me to call it a downgrade, I can say I don't prefer it, and I don't think it is an upgrade at all, but just a different style.

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I'd say in terms of playability they're a massive upgrade over the first few games for sure. Original FF1 feels fucking terrible compared to the pixel remaster, let alone 2 and beyond. I think 5 and 6 probably feel most similar to their original releases in terms of gameplay, but another benefit is that they fix most if not all of the terrible bugs that were in the originals. Like intelligence not working in FF1. Like... just straight up not doing anything. FF games early on were incredibly buggy with some being absolutely massive and sometimes game breaking if you were going for a certain build.


I'm not kidding, shit was wild:



In the Nintendo Entertainment System version some weapons have special abilities, which have no effect.


Were Sword - Does not inflict more damage on Were-creatures.
Rune Sword - Does not inflict more damage on magic-using or supernatural creatures.
Dragon Sword - Does not inflict more damage on Dragon and dragon-kin creatures.
Coral Sword - Does not inflict more damage on sea creatures.
Giant Sword - Does not inflict more damage on Giants/Ogres or their kin.
Flame Sword - Does not inflict more damage on Fire-weak, undead, or regenerative creatures.
Ice Sword - Does not inflict more damage on Ice-weak creatures.
Sun Sword - Does not inflict more damage on undead creatures.
Light Axe - Does not inflict more damage on undead creatures.
Xcaliber - Does not inflict more damage on every creature-type and elemental weakness.


Spells, too!



These bugs only apply to the NES version and are fixed in later versions:


TMPR - Does not work at all.
SABR - Does not work at all.
XFER - Does not work unless the target is the party.
LOCK - Always misses.
LOK2 - Instead of decreasing Enemy Evade% by 20, it increases Evade by 20. (F, see me after class -Xbob)
HEL2 - Works out of battle as designed, but works like HEL3 in battle.


And so much more.


That, and the music in most of the entries has been kicked up to 11. The battle theme in the PR of 1 just completely energizes the whole game. Would be nice if they get around to adding the ability to select the original OST on the PC version like they did with Switch/PS4, but there's a million solutions to that already with absolutely barebones minimum effort, so not too big of a deal if you want the original tunes.


Some folks were upset that it lacked content from some other remakes, but I'm personally fine with them just being the base game. Not a huge deal, but I can see why it would bother some. Others were mad it wasn't just all like the PSP versions of 1 and 2.... I uh, wasn't a huge fan of them. For one reason: I think the pixel art looked like absolute dog shit. Like Newgrounds-I'm-not-quite-sure-how-pixel-art-works-but-it-kinda-looks-FF-ish level of crap. Like a fucking mobile game.




I hate even looking at it. On a technical level it's not bad, but on an artistic level I fucking hate it with my entire soul.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the PIxel Remasters, and finally got through the first 5 games in their entirety. I had previously only completed 4 and 6, but now I've done 'em all! The PR versions of the older games made them so, SO much more playable in so many little ways.

Still can't say I think it's worth $75 USD, but if you're on the fence, wait for a sale and I'd say it's a no-brainer at $40 or even $50 if you actually plan to play them.

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Oh yeah, for the NES FFs the Pixel remasters are perfect. For FF3 and FF4, I'm a bigger fan of the 3D remakes. And of course, the music upgrades are great as well. I did not mean to imply the pixel remasters aren't the best way to play the original six because they are, no doubt. And while I am a fan of the 3D remakes, they have not aged well. They suffer from the same kinds of issues that the PS1 era FF games suffer from. But even crappy 3D graphics and shitty frame rates are more immersive than lil sprite dudes.

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5 hours ago, gamer.tv said:

I would love to try this out…but that is a lot of money for older Final Fantasy games. Looks like I’ll be waiting on an SE sale…or just not bother. 

I guess value is subjective. I bought it (twice, PC and PS4) because I thought it was a great price for a collection of some of the best 2D RPG's in history. 

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